flint corn

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corn having kernels with a hard outer layer enclosing the soft endosperm

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The final chapter is reserved for a Yankee farmer in Stonington, Connecticut, who has discovered a way to grow flint corn and to return the seeds to Native American groups who would like to have them.
However, Cargill said that the sale will secure the future of the flint corn section of the business in Liverpool.
Argentine Flint corn is already preferred by EU buyers.
A darker colored jelly can be made with the purple cobs from certain varieties of flint corn.
Flint corn is characterized by its smooth kernel and virtual absence of soft starch.
Grow some Hopi blue flint corn or Seneca ornamental (pinetree), tie it up, dry it and sell it by the bunch.
Pollak and her colleagues have found some exotic flint corns with harder grains than U.