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a river in western Georgia that flows generally south to join the Chattahoochee River at the Florida border where they form the Apalachicola River

a city in southeast central Michigan near Detroit

showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

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It had always been my dream to come here and play," Flint said.
Large boulders and chunks of flint were exposed right on the top and sides of the mesa, and some rolled into the surrounding creek valleys.
Scans with high-powered imaging equipment showed ridges within the holes that might have been made by a flint drill.
The combination of these investments allows Flint Hills to fulfill its royalty oil contract obligations, relative to providing clean fuels, with the state.
The book's photos also attest to the social climate of Flint: sorority sisters (1920) and daughters of turn-of-the-century Jewish immigrants, images of "The Campaign Cabinet" of the Flint Jewish Community Council (1950), and a Pro-Palestinian demonstration in downtown Flint (1988).
Use of their main communication mediums had not been regular or regulated, and the content of the magazine, ATOextra, was mainly driven by employee contributions only," Flint recalls.
Willoughby showed he was mortal by falling for one of Flint River's oldest tricks, one that regular punters will recognise - the trick of the unlucky run.
Coventry Crown Court was told Flint was not a dealer, but a hard-working family man who was making "a pretty poor job" of growing cannabis to smoke himself.
NAMA Member Voice Susan Lerud, Flint Communications
And so has the actor who played Flint in the movies in the '60s, James Coburn.
The National League of Cities (NLC) is providing technical assistance to the City of Flint, Michigan over the next two years to build regional partnerships involving local government, business, and community leaders as one of three strategies to move city residents out of poverty into living wage jobs.
Flint, that consumes all of Aunt Nancy's time and energy (severely restricting her accessibility to Brent), destroys her body (causing a succession of doomed, premature births and finally sterility, among other conditions), and ultimately proves to be the direct cause of her early death.
FLINT the African Grey parrot has been saved from death - by a Buddhist faith healer.
And in 1987, retired school teacher Wendell Flint published his book To Find the Largest Tree, in which he listed comparative measurements for 34 of the largest sequoias and concluded that the General Sherman was indeed the most massive tree on the planet.