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Synonyms for fling

Synonyms for fling

to send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

a brief trial

Synonyms for fling

a usually brief attempt

a brief indulgence of your impulses

the act of flinging

Related Words

throw with force or recklessness

move in an abrupt or headlong manner

Related Words

indulge oneself


References in classic literature ?
If you go to work for the Cutters, you're likely to have a fling that you won't get up from in a hurry.
Take it, mistress housekeeper; open the window and fling it into the yard and lay the foundation of the pile for the bonfire we are to make.
There was that in Rawdon's face which caused Becky to fling herself before him.
From Ken Barlow's dodgy dalliances to Bet Lynch's string of flings, we take a look at some of the trysts that have kept us hooked on ITV's longestrunning soap.
Gain detergent and Grammy award winning band La Santa Cecilia are teaming up to bring fans a joyful experience through the "Mtisica para tu Nariz" campaign for Gain Flings, a line of single-use laundry pacs.
Fico admitted she still loved Balotelli, despite discovering his flings with girls including Wayne Rooney hooker Jennifer Thompson, 23, TV rich guy "rinser" Holly Henderson, 33, and boutique worker Chloe Evans, 21.
Nearly three in five (58 per cent) of Britons enjoyed a holiday romance at some point but 93 per cent of those flings ended in a break-up, the poll of nearly 3,000 travellers found.
The trio looked at 4,000 inventions and liked Flings so much they spun off TrashCo to bring it to market.
Also available are 10 individually wrapped Flings in a 5.
Nearly half (49%) of holiday flings lasted less than a week and almost a fifth lasted just one night; The Welsh were the most successful at turning a holiday romp into amore lasting romance; n 15% of over-55s would be keen to join the milehigh club, but only 8% of 16 to 24-year-olds.
The star's latest fling only enhanced his reputation as the new Errol Flynn of Hollywood - a title he picked up after a series of flings with glamorous actresses.
The same bold approach also applies to two other previous danger zones - girls enjoying flings with other girls and women bedding married men for one night of fun.
Olivia Flings Starts Flirting With Seattle, Palm Springs and Las Vegas
I've never even had a serious relationship, just one-night stands and flings.
The office flings figure is only matched by people in Manchester who also don't mind owning up to an office romance.