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Synonyms for fling

Synonyms for fling

to send through the air with a motion of the hand or arm

a period of uncontrolled self-indulgence

a brief trial

Synonyms for fling

a usually brief attempt

a brief indulgence of your impulses

the act of flinging

Related Words

throw with force or recklessness

move in an abrupt or headlong manner

Related Words

indulge oneself


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At tHe other extreme, of course, is the locale that makes a great deal of news-the war zone--where adventurers (and sometimes flingers and ideologues) flock, attracted to a cause or to excitement, and always to the opportunity for advancement.
As might be expected of a group that includes adventurers and flingers, American freelancrs, when compared with staff correspondents, are on average younger, more likely to be at their first post abroad and to have been there for less than three years.
There always will be an abundant supply of freelancers, not only because there always will be spouses, experts, adventurers, flingers, ideologues and residents, but also because freelancing fits other worldwide trends, such as an increase in part time work, growth in self-employment, and a higher proportion of working mothers.
A GANG of phantom pie and egg flingers are terrorising families in Birmingham, residents claim.
YOUNG and old joined pancake flingers in fancy dress on the streets of Warwick.
Their heavy-duty cast iron housings and heat-treated, wear-resistant ductile iron end caps work together with high-temperature seals, flingers, and lubrication to improve bearing service and paver performance.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Fixed External Flingers Pe And Ce Of Tm Tao 659 To Clw S Drg No.