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Synonyms for flinch

Synonyms for flinch

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

an act of drawing back in an involuntary or instinctive fashion

Synonyms for flinch

a reflex response to sudden pain


Related Words

draw back, as with fear or pain

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In light of the above, Obama will have to keep flinching to avoid the jabs from both sides of the aisle, once the Senate convenes this autumn.
But, over time, many archers start flinching or punching the trigger of index-finger release aids.
At a basic level, flinching is a natural reaction to loud noise and a hard blow.
It's easier to practice flinching than it is to practice good trigger control.
If you want to avoid developing some very bad shooting habits, such as blinking or flinching, it's important to know your personal recoil tolerance.
Examples include side-stepping a difficult issue in favor of resolving smaller issues when you reach impasse, never jumping at the first offer even if it's acceptable and flinching at whatever the other side proposes.
Like most Americans, Karen Mendoza has taken loans to pay for her house, car and other important items without flinching.
Flinching and blinking are the biggest obstacles to overcome when shooting accurately.
com/reports/c29729) has announced the addition of E-Learning Course: Power Negotiating - Never Say Yes, Flinching and Reluctance to their offering
By far the best use for snap caps is to train yourself to avoid flinching (see Dave Anderson's Rifleman column).
Problem is, flinching to avoid the threat of a civil suit opens up a whole new gooey mess.
Flinching is any involuntary movement that occurs as the gun is being fired.
Hyde Pierce comes on like a suspicious, skinny pit bull with a hangdog countenance, flinching with every drum-syncopated slap to the head he receives.
As our economic competitors make it easier to sell products to each other and to invest in each other's markets, the United States is flinching at the thought of competing in a barrier-free global economy," Jackson said.