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strip the blubber or skin from (a whale or seal)

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Besides, what was the use of mincing matters with a man who had all the appearance of a human automaton, who never flinched or changed color, and whose passions seemed dried up and withered things?
I saw in his eye, that if I flinched, he would draw the trigger.
In battle I have never flinched from the cruel onset, but plunged straight into the fray and fought among the foremost.
I smiled incredulously at Marlow's ferocity; but Marlow pausing with a whimsically retrospective air, never flinched.
Craven stepped forward with his axe; a thistle-top touched him, and he flinched.
I looked attentively to see if she flinched at the sudden mention of that name.
As regards Winnie's sisterly devotion, her stoicism flinched.
The prince, 66, flinched as Zephyr the bald eagle - mascot of the Army Air Corps - tried to fly off while being shown to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall at Norfolk's Sandringham Flower Show.
So we filmed this shot of the explosion and I remember thinking back then if they told me I could stand 15 feet away from a car while it explodes in a music video, I wouldn't have flinched.
But every single time I touched her with the needle - you try and hold the needle onto the skin for about a second with each stroke - every single time she flinched.
Talking to a private TV channel he stated that history of MQM witness to the fact that MQM never flinched and resolved that MQM was committed to defend itself against the cases disclosed under NRO.
Cindy Kimmick of Sylmar, who helped demonstrate the operation of the muskets, said the students flinched at the noise, but seemed to like the realism.
Nita has never flinched, earning the respect of all, and today still works tirelessly to see the funds are used appropriately.
Asked about her recollections of the shooting, she said: 'Everyone sort of flinched.
l I FLINCHED at the sight of blood on the camera as the Panorama special In The Line Of Fire opened on Sunday night.