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strip the blubber or skin from (a whale or seal)

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punched I think you have to say to him, "Sorry I flinched - it has nothing to do with you or our relationship, but it's what I was used to for a very long time.
The authors, who both speak Turkish fluently, `fell in love with Turkey' but have not flinched at reporting the massacres of Armenians, the brutal suppression of Kurdish nationalists, the expulsion of other minorities, the invasion of northern Cyprus and the frequent intolerance of dissent.
The partner compensation system was an old-fashioned "lockstep" one, in which the size of a partner's profit share depended strictly on seniority, not on rainmaking skills (Milbank partners flinched at the very idea of making rain) or hours billed.
He and his colleagues studied 23 cancer patients aged 3 to 9 who had screamed, flinched or struggled during venipuncture procedures in the past.
He kind of flinched over to the right side and started walking again.
l I FLINCHED at the sight of blood on the camera as the Panorama special In The Line Of Fire opened on Sunday night.
When Shawn Green seemed to give up too early on a first-inning foul pop by Mark Loretta that fell on the track in front of the first-base camera well, Lima hadn't flinched, quickly getting Loretta to ground out to Green.
The prince, 66, flinched as Zephyr the bald eagle - mascot of the Army Air Corps - tried to fly off while being shown to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall at Norfolk's Sandringham Flower Show.
CLEVELAND - In this Angels season, where a dose of bad news is only as far away as the next at-bat, the club barely flinched at the sight of Troy Glaus tumbling over first base and rolling several times over his surgically-repaired right shoulder Saturday night.