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Synonyms for flinch

Synonyms for flinch

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

an act of drawing back in an involuntary or instinctive fashion

Synonyms for flinch

a reflex response to sudden pain


Related Words

draw back, as with fear or pain

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So if you're wondering when we're gonna see Flinch on the campaign trail for Mags, better check with Accu-Weather first.
The Government will not flinch from the "hard choices on public spending" needed to bring Britain's national deficit back down after the country emerges from recession.
He can gauge by the level of the flinch how serious they are about change.
But don't flinch at the price, because in this exalted range you can expect to get what you pay for.
His art was frequently of a moral nature; he was an ardent pro-lifer who did not flinch from portraying the graphic reality of abortion on occasion.
But we should not flinch from demanding the same tolerance and respect for the British way of life," he said in an article for the Daily Telegraph.
His first two books--Sarah, about a young truck-stop prostitute, and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things--a story collection about more kids in trouble, have met with critical acclaim, movie deals, and a literary cult following that doesn't flinch from the torment his characters suffer.
75%, an increase that hasn't made the real estate market even flinch.
The Austrian-born politician said: 'He's a man of perseverance, a man of inner strength, a leader who doesn't flinch, doesn't waver, does not back down.
In repertoire matters, McKenzie doesn't flinch when you accuse him of never having met a full-length narrative ballet he didn't like.
His treatment is thoughtfully upbeat, but doesn't flinch at diagnosing flaws and proposing remedies.
Even if you know nothing about chopping cotton, gutting a hog, or baiting a hook with squiring worms, you will be constantly amused by Harris's descriptive language, her way of drawing you into a scene and making you feel the sometime prickly cotton, hear the squeal of a dying hog, or flinch as a hot comb untangles a dump of nappy hair.
Ostensibly the crime noir tale of a serial killer who selects six victims at random, leaving no clues or pattern for profilers to follow, Flinch is more a story of rivalry between brothers.
At about $10 retail, the card games Pit, Flinch and Mille Bornes make great stocking-stuffers.
It's not often that one gets a chance to go back over her/his published essays, look at them again, flinch, and revise them, or a group of them, in ways that look beyond the essays themselves to a larger discourse.