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Synonyms for flimsiness

Synonyms for flimsiness

the property of weakness by virtue of careless construction


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You used to find lots of lateral movement on switches, interior trim that didn't feel right and a general flimsiness and tinniness coupled with rather too many squeaks and rattles.
I know he has already signed a deal to play for Glasgow in the Heineken European Cup next season, but sports contracts are renowned for their flimsiness.
Nor does the flimsiness of the October 19 phone-call alibi prove that de Marenches did arrange for Casey to meet with Iranians in Paris.
But if FIFA are keen to flex their disciplinary muscles, they must once and for all clamp down on teams full of fit, strong young men who suddenly assume the flimsiness of rag dolls.
The ability to successfully utilize such unorthodox materials is one of Selzer's strengths, and in spite of their evident flimsiness, the objects and their display mechanism immediately commanded the room.
Made by the one-hit wonders who got lucky with the crude and deeply unfunny animated series South Park - a bad case of the Emperor's New Clothes if ever I saw one - Orgazmo is equally relentless in its one-joke flimsiness.
I know he has already signed a deal to play for Glasgow in the Heineken European Cup next season but sports contracts are renowned for their flimsiness.
The flimsiness of the government's counterintelligence justification becomes plains when you look at the people who are targeted.
With an indulgent nod from our guide to the flimsiness of the central conflict, we learn the chief complication is the challenge of keeping bride and groom apart on the wedding day.
One wondered whether this was an intentional effort to encourage concentration or merely a technical glitch; the flimsiness of the walls also contributed to a certain sense of the provisional.
They were in danger both from the enemy and from the flimsiness of their own aircraft.
John Hartson's move to Wimbledon shortly after signing a seven-year deal to stay at Upton Park underlines the flimsiness of such contracts.
McCarthy: The trouble with modern sculpture is that when it's bad it's so ugly; it's so big and ugly, much more so than painting, whose very flimsiness makes it somewhat harmless.
A movie, especially one anchored by Dean and Natalie Wood, can charge past such flimsiness with cinematic style.
Some build flimsiness, but selling well on looks and trendiness.