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Synonyms for flimsiness

Synonyms for flimsiness

the property of weakness by virtue of careless construction


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Figure 26 further illustrates the flimsiness of state constitutional amendments.
The fact that there is a significant difference between which word we use in the standard reveals the flimsiness of the standard itself and demonstrates one of the reasons the "unique characteristics and needs" standard is ultimately unpersuasive, regardless of which definition a court applies.
The arguments presented by the parties are paradoxically absurd; having a tinge of cogency and flimsiness.
Given the nature of that war, and the flimsiness of the abstract ideal of "nation" to which these soldiers might attach their loyalty, they can hardly be blamed.
These he assembles into works, mostly sculptural, that balance the flimsiness of the materials against a jury-rigged monumentalism.
Despite the apparent flimsiness of the cage that Prendick anxiously observes, it is indeed sufficient to contain the puma on the ship.
Unfortunately, while the rubbery surface is important for flexibility and comfort while carrying the accessory in one's pocket, the particular flimsiness of the Smarter Stand's lip 6 the part the iPhone 5 directly leans on 6 is not substantial enough to hold any more weight beyond the phone's 112 grams.
By then, even the Party apparatus included people who viewed Communist propaganda as nothing more than a veneer and who found a way to use the flimsiness of commands to act according to their own conscience.
What is even more upsetting is the flimsiness of the latest statements issued by American Senator John Kerry, who will likely assume the position of secretary of state as Hillary Clinton's successor, as he assured that Al-Assad made wrong and unjustified decisions and that he must leave, while his country must change the Al-Assad calculations to pave the way for a transitional phase.
While its true that the Egyptian petroleum industry has endured the past two years of consistent political turmoil better than most industries in Egypt, and has been somewhat successful in sidestepping many of the economic impediments brought about by the lack of stability and security, it is by no means impervious to the structural disarray and the flimsiness of the current government.
Torres' flimsiness aside, Chelsea were beginning to get round the back and more than one cross prompted more than one desperate lunge.
In fact, it was her alarm at the flimsiness of many of the claims being made on behalf of integrative medicine that drew Kathi in further "I found there to be a lot of misinformation," she says, "and.
If Labour's commitment to fiscal responsibility were taken seriously, it could expose the flimsiness of David Cameron's occasional genuflections in the direction of 'markets with morals' or 'rebalancing the economy' (4).
This reflects the conceptual flimsiness of the work as a whole on which 1 will comment further below.
They should have detected the flimsiness of Suarez's mast before so publicly nailing their colours to it.