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Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies

lacking solidity or strength

Related Words

not convincing

lacking substance or significance

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With regard to unclean fishing stages, which are not uncommon, some fishermen actually do not seem to understand that in preparing an article of food it should be done in a scrupulously clean manner and even though the stage is flimsily constructed it can be, with little effort, scrupulously clean.
Several years before, in Typee (1846), Melville had shown the way in a sense by shamelessly having his hero, clearly the author himself, cavort with flimsily clad maidens--though the dusky color of their skin may have seemed cover enough to prudish readers.
In the same way, scientists exasperated by "creation science" should certainly fill in the gaps (with explanations, perhaps, for the evolution of the eye or of mimicry adaptations) but without flimsily attacking the theological ground on which such "alternatives" are running amok.
To lose our unbeaten record so flimsily is just not good enough.
The characters are sketched so flimsily you fear they will blow over in a strong gust of the sub-zero wind that whips through town.
12 Rounds is a series of accomplished action set-pieces flimsily glued together by the battle of dull wits between Danny and Miles.
Moving from behind its flimsily drawn curtain, it reveals a master plan to bring art in line with the greater good, proving not only that institutions have our best interests at heart, but a triumph of the will for the artist and his curators.
Nice people, but they are sketched so flimsily, you fear they will blow over in one strong gust of wind that whips through this sheltered community.
He captures his thought processes in maquettelike structures as flimsily beautiful as a Sarah Sze sculpture.
From the moment she entered our nightmares flimsily dressed in a sort of pink Firestone tyrewoman outfit, it was crystal clear Shanessa, "27", would lower the tone.
The Tupamaro hunt was turned over to the military, who went after suspects with relentless disregard for civil or human rights, torturing and terrorizing even those flimsily connected to the Tupamaros, to the point where about one in fifty Uruguayans had been tortured, a percentage reportedly higher than anywhere else in the world.
But the problem with the report is not that it is slight and flimsily argued.
As they returned to the upstairs cell, Bonney sprinted up the stairs ahead of the jailer and battered down the flimsily locked door to the sheriff's armory.
Throughout the novela de la selva clothes are revealed as flimsily inadequate against the forces of tropical nature.
The coherence of the appendices and the footnotes with the rest of the book reveals the nature of the whole to consist largely of vaguely relevant details that are but flimsily attached to one another; the majority of the text might be properly described as auxiliary material.