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Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

Synonyms for flimsy

a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies

lacking solidity or strength

Related Words

not convincing

lacking substance or significance

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People are being denied their liberty on the flimsiest of evidence.
FLIMSIEST excuse for a BBC US junket, on Richard Hammond Builds A Universe last week: "To find out what planet formation was like in the early solar system, I need the help of the.
This week, in a hilariously unbelievable courtroom scene, defence barrister Sharon Bishop accused Keystone Cops Miller and Hardy of having an affair, based on the flimsiest "evidence".
Carol Marcus stripping down to her underwear on the flimsiest of pretexts.
The flimsiest of fencing has been erected to prevent dogs and children falling down high and sudden drops.
I SEE the only talking house in the world, ie Buckingham Palace, has decided that an elected member of the European Parliament should be excluded from the Buckingham Palace garden party at the last minute on the flimsiest of excuses.
S flimsiest of reasons that he's just been called up the the England Under-21 squad for this summer's European Championships.
SEXY star Malin Akerman has the flimsiest costume ever worn by a superheroine.
While other youths use the flimsiest of excuses to disguise their laziness this hat-trick of heroines have overcome every obstacle to achieve their dreams.
Many companies claim that their existing products are green for the flimsiest of reasons -- for example, because the plant in which they are manufactured uses energy efficient lighting.
BANDS sometimes cancel concerts for the flimsiest of reasons, but Supergrass had a more than adequate excuse when they pulled out of their scheduled dates last September.
A little more than a week ago, the LAPD announced that it would stop seizing the cars of unlicensed drivers, based on the flimsiest legal pretext -- a two-year-old, largely irrelevant court ruling.
In this engagement with repetition-of style, pictorial units, and, importantly, themes of warfare, industry, and mass gatherings--Davis makes clear that the failures of representation can be remarkably akin to those of abstraction, in that both now offer only the flimsiest of defenses against arbitrariness and decoration.
Critics claim that Alter supports his major "breakthrough"--that FDR toyed with martial law--with the flimsiest of evidence: an early draft of his inaugural address.
However, even the flimsiest of tissues can become fossils if environmental conditions are right.