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Flimflammer and Wayside, along with two female chorus members, sing "(Play) 4-11-44," which is the number combination in policy that leads to the biggest payout.
Flimflammer Jack Umstead (aka Rusty Smith, Delbert Harris, Delbert Jones, and so forth) may remind readers of con men from Mark Twain to Flannery O'Connor to Guy Owen.
Bunco Artists in Richmond, 1870-1920: Sharpers, Snatchers, Swindlers, Flimflammers and Other Con Men
Indeed, the list of contemporary flimflammers, causing billions of dollars of losses, extends far beyond him.
The two flimflammers share an added song to the score, "First-Class Number One Bum," borrowed from a Styne flop, "Look to the Lilies," that's fine but forgettable.