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the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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Adopting a benevolent paternalism when dealing with servants was one proposed technique for overcoming two of the chief complaints about domestic service: their ignorance and flightiness.
In this respect, "On Guard" is progressive: homoeroticism offsets the politically incorrect focus on Millicent's appearance and flightiness.
Guay PJ, Weston MA, Symonds MRE and Glover HK (2013c) Brains and bravery: Little evidence of a relationship between brain size and flightiness in shorebirds.
It is very technical, but cannot seem that way; pianistic figures of great lightness and clarity, with sporadic surges along the way, are musical translations of the piece's flightiness of character.
Williams plays Simon Roberts (modeled after real advertising legend John Montgomery, who serves as a producer and consultant), whose flightiness is dismissed as the price of harnessing his creative genius.
This endogenous predisposition to flightiness inevitably led to mounting pecuniary difficulties--Trakl repeatedly turning to friends, from whom he borrowed large sums of money he was then unable to repay.
De Vilmorin associates the words Liege and leger to illustrate the flightiness and the lack of substance of the fancied boy.
12) The transfer of letters from their privileged addressee, seen in the letters to the marquis as well as the letter allegedly to Oronte that Arsinoe has procured, corresponds reputedly to a parallel flightiness in Celimene's character.
When Charlie had a difficult time fitting in at school and his mother moved him from one school after another, Asner blamed it on her flightiness rather than any possible limitations of his son.
Sheep of smaller stature and heritage breeds are also more prone to flightiness.
Kaufmann that castigated Buber for flightiness of expression also wrote
His image of the "Oriental Mirage"-- which we may want to rephrase as the "Exotic Mirage"--captures once again the precariousness of the exotic representation: whether we call the reference points documentation and imagination, realism and fantasy, the actual and the artistic, or the objective and the subjective, the image of the mirage encapsulates the flightiness of the exotic representation and its object, "the other.
Add the factory's carbon fibre-clad lightweight bodywork, high quality steering damper to control any flightiness from the lighter, quicker steering and the Factory was worth the extra money: at pounds 10,349, it cost pounds 1,350 more.
From the position of the knight of resignation, there is a choice between either forgetting the infinite passion, thus demonstrating a kind of flightiness and superficiality (lower nature), or a detachment from the world and holding onto the pain forever.