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simulator consisting of a machine on the ground that simulates the conditions of flying a plane


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As TEE is higher, it can be said that flight simulator played an important role in pilots training.
With no experience required, the flight simulator allows anyone six years old and above to fly the large passenger jet in the company of a trained co-pilot.
Nadeem Khan Yousufzai said that now the air line may boast of an impressive Simulator Training Centre which includes three full flight simulators of Boeing 747-200, Airbus A310-300 and the latest addition of Boeing 777 Flight Simulator makes the airline self sufficient to meet the training needs of its Cockpit Crew.
A veritable cottage industry has thrived around Microsoft Flight Simulator.
It's kind of like some of the flight simulators we have now.
Additionally, the datasets go far beyond the quality, detail and currency of the United States Geological Survey's 10-meter National Elevation Dataset and NASA's 90-meter Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, upon which all other previous terrain products for Flight Simulator have been based," Mountford continued.
ATR selected the company's FFS X Level D Full Flight Simulator for its Avianca training facilities in Bogota, Colombia.
color in AV edition -- ran in AV and SAC edition only) A declassified version of the F-22 flight simulator is demonstrated Friday in Palmdale.
9 million contract from armasuisse to build and deliver four networked F/A-18C Tactical Operational Flight Trainers (TOFTs) for the Swiss F/A-18 Flight Simulator Upgrade program.
Flight simulators manufacturer CAE Inc (NYSE:CAE) (TSX:CAE) said yesterday that its joint venture Emirates-CAE Flight Training (ECFT) is to add a CAE 7000 Series Level D full-flight simulator for the Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft model.
Word leaking from the hush-hush project was that the contraption was, indeed, a flight simulator for Cruise.
Tenders Are Invited for Provision of Training 25 pilots a full flight simulator for the A109 helicopter, pilot training seven full flight simulator for the AW139 helicopter, (continued in sections.
For its part, privately held NovaLogic, also of Calabasas, presented five new titles - four of them sequels - including a World War II flying game, a tank battle game based on the M-1A2 Abrams main battle tank, a helicopter flight simulator and a flight simulator based on the F-22 fighter.
iEntertainment Network, (PINK SHEETS: IENT), the award-winning developer of the world famous WarBirds TotalSims series, today announced that FLYBOYS Squadron, the World War I combat flight simulator based upon the MGM movie Flyboys, will be available at $29.
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