flight path

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the path of a rocket or projectile or aircraft through the air

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a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

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I want to emphasise that these flight paths are not set in stone.
It follows months of controversy over trials to help the airport decide on new flight paths.
An airport spokesman said: "A trial to test the impact of two potential flight paths has been in operation since May 1.
Planes taking off usually follow one of about a half-dozen possible flight paths.
BIRMINGHAM Airport has moved to reassure residents who could be affected by flight path changes following the completion of the airport's runway extension in 2014.
Nats now say it will be at least a year before they bring forward fresh proposals to change flight paths and holding stacks over Suffolk.
If adopted on Hawaii routes, this flight path planning system will enable the airline group to reduce both its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, helping to reduce its fuel bill as well as its environmental footprint.
The devices linked to a computer that triangulated the bee's location in the sky and drew a flight path.
One of the flight paths on the cold, coupled moderator will be devoted to fundamental neutron physics.
An example is Flight Paths, a hard-hitting play written to help young people explore their attitudes to emotive issues such as racism and asylum.
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport presented two choices for new landing and departure flight paths at Haneda airport in Tokyo on Monday as part of preparations to open a fourth runway there in 2009.
The aircraft use data links to exchange information, and Auto ACAS uses this data to evaluate flight paths, determine closing rate and range, and keep them from approaching closer than 200 feet,'' said Ba Nguyen, chief engineer.
Clearly, geography was not one of his better subjects at school, as he seems not to have noticed that Wirral is on the other side of the Mersey, and that it has quite a few population centres under flight paths.
Moreover, the Mexican Center for Environmental Law is questioning why Benito Juarez Airport, which handles 30 million travelers a year but has flight paths that will clash with the new airport, must be shut.
Planes are getting bigger, needing longer flight paths and, because of their size, flying in lower.