flight path

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the path of a rocket or projectile or aircraft through the air

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a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

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Flightradar24 shared the time-defying flight path on social media on Sunday which showed the Hawaiian Airlines plane taking-off from Auckland, New Zealand, where it was already 2018.
The agreement reached today by the FAA and the city of Phoenix is an important step forward in addressing the flight path changes at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
She said the company, which is building what was touted to be Mindanao's tallest building at 33 floors, should heed government regulations and this included conforming with the Caap rule on heights of buildings on aircraft flight paths.
Add to this the 20,000 that now will use this route before turning right to go south on a tighter, shorter flight path over residential Castle Bromwich.
The Flight Path Marker within the GHD precisely displays where the aircraft is flying, taking into account crosswind, angle of attack and other factors that impact the dynamic position and heading of the aircraft.
Air Accident Investigation Unit experts said other pilots making the trip either changed their flight paths or diverted to another airfield after spotting low cloud, drizzle, rain or poor visibility.
She warned: "The local community feels it has not been listened to, particularly in the rejection of its proposal for an option 6a, an alternative flight path that would have minimised noise nuisance.
Melbourne, June 28 ( ANI ): Someone in the cockpit of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 might have plotted at least four different potential flight paths, three of them to Australia, feel investigators.
To limit the number of buildings and other structures affected by the proposal, the FAA is recommending airports and local zoning boards work together to select a single flight path for each runway that planes can use in the event that an engine quits, said John Speckin, the FAA deputy regional administrator in charge of the proposal.
The air-show enthusiasts, who, according to the Daily Mail, had set up camp purposefully under the plane's flight path and not at the nearby RAF Waddington Air Show, had a hair-raising experience.
WAR has broken out between normally peaceful villages over where the a flight path should go from Birmingham Airport.
MARYLAND (CyHAN)- This animation shows the final flight path for NASA's twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission spacecraft, which will impact the moon on Dec.
The US flight path, for example, covers some of the USA's most iconic landscapes.
The mass spectrometer's technology consists of a staggered figure-8 ion trajectory over an extended flight path of 17 m--an order of magnitude longer than conventional designs--within a 1-m space.
Curving or bending the flight path changes the airplane's longitudinal axis orientation with respect to the earth's surface.
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