flight path

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the path of a rocket or projectile or aircraft through the air

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a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

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As the EIS states, these are indicative approach and departure tracks with the final flight paths to be designed with community consultation nearer to the time that the airport will commence operations, Mr Truss said.
MP Caroline Spelman (Con) said the local community had traditionally supported the airport but this was changing because of the poor handling of the introduction of new flight paths.
An airport spokesman said: "A trial to test the impact of two potential flight paths has been in operation since May 1.
As more buildings, cellphone towers, wind turbines and other tall structures go up near airports, there are fewer safe flight paths available.
WHAT BALSALL COMMON SAID SPOKESMAN David Ellis said of the new option 6: "Our solution pushed the departure flights further away from the arrival flight path.
FLYING: Speke's Stockton Wood primary pupils with members of the Message from the Flight path team Picture: EDDIE BARFORD/eb220708b
The team then used radar to track bees' flight paths.
Some prominent 9/11 skeptics claim that the flight path of the jet that hit the Pentagon would have been humanly impossible in a 757, while others admit it might be possible for an expert pilot, but not for hijacker Hani Hanjour, the inexperienced pilot believed to have commandeered Flight 77.
Using the Vision animation software, the USAF is able to rapidly visualize complex operational scenarios and utilize the system's sophisticated high fidelity flight path generation algorithms to compute and visualize the aircraft's precise movements, position and orientation in the real world.
Anyone living on a flight path, however far away from the actual airport, will welcome this precedent.
The detained activists briefly delayed a July 14 missile test by swimming, diving, and boating beneath the flight path.
Providing enhanced alerts about potentially disruptive weather along their flight path allows our customers to make adjustments that save time and money.
VILLAGERS have again demanded answers over Birmingham Airport flight path changes they fear could increase noise problems.
BIRMINGHAM Airport has moved to reassure residents who could be affected by flight path changes following the completion of the airport's runway extension in 2014.
Flight Path is the latest offering from the pen of rising talent David Watson, in a production from Out of Joint touring theatre.
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