flight of steps

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a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next

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He did not finish his sentence; for a terrific hubbub now arose on the terrace behind the flight of steps where they stood, and there were frantic shouts of, "Hurrah for Mandiboy
With increasing hopes he forged ahead as rapidly as he dared, until at the end of half an hour he came to another flight of steps leading upward.
A considerable flight of steps landed them in the wilderness, which was a planted wood of about two acres, and though chiefly of larch and laurel, and beech cut down, and though laid out with too much regularity, was darkness and shade, and natural beauty, compared with the bowling-green and the terrace.
They then hastened to the well, and penetrated to the interior by a flight of steps that was now nothing but dust.
To their disappointment there was within this mountain no regular flight of steps by means of which they could mount to the earth's surface.
Fenced in, thus, he felt himself hoisted to the top of a low flight of steps, and then for a moment he caught a glimpse of the fighting in the crowd, and of a few red coats sprinkled together, here and there, struggling to rejoin their fellows.
Going around the right angle in which it ended, he encountered a narrow flight of steps.
What lies beyond this tottering flight of steps, that creak beneath our tread?
Another door led to a flight of steps that rose from the arena level upward through the seats to an exit at the back of the hall.
Steps lead down to a wooden footbridge and an uphill flight of steps through woodland where a wooden gate opens into an arable field.
The main house, which is approached by an imposing flight of steps through landscaped gardens, has a hallway, cloakroom, study, drawing room, utility area and open plan kitchen/family room.
Liverpool ONE's landmarks, from the giant flight of steps by John Lewis to the double-decker shops in North John Street, have become so familiar that you can forget how dramatically it changed a previously quiet area of the city when it opened in 2008.
And a council reviewing officer had mistakenly said there was only one flight of steps, when in fact there were two.
Tenders are invited for Construction of flight of steps to g&v canal (near d.
There's a whole flight of steps leading down to the cafe and there was a big shot and it was like, 'If you can just do it without looking down', I was like, 'Oh my God, if I fall, I really will hurt myself, this isn't like the carpeted stairs'.
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