flight of stairs

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a stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next

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USA], Nov 23 ( ANI ): Hollywood actor Ryan Phillippe is hitting back with a lawsuit at his ex-girlfriend supermodel Elsie Hewitt who claimed that he assaulted her by throwing her down a flight of stairs.
Muhammad fell down a flight of stairs at the school on Friday, September 9, and died four days later in Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Liverpool Crown Court heard that in another incident he threw the tenant's dog down a flight of stairs in Baden House.
I know of other stores that would gladly take them up the one flight of stairs for you.
As far as the family is concerned, Tilly fell from a balcony and Roger fell down a flight of stairs and the events are unconnected.
After the first flight of stairs, I ditched the box so I could hold on to the shrink-wrapped bundle.
But husband Philip Davies yesterday told an inquest in Brecon how she tripped on the way and tumbled down the flight of stairs.
Over Christmas, she ended up wearing a bandage like her namesake after falling down a flight of stairs.
At the top of each flight of stairs, there was a chart to fill in every time the journey was completed.
All aged either 14 or 15, the defendants said Alex Mechisvili died after falling down a flight of stairs.
3 : a level area at the top of a flight of stairs or between two flights of stairs
Family issues: San Diego second baseman Josh Barfield was stunned by news last Sunday that his father, former MLB outfielder Jesse Barfield, had been pushed down a flight of stairs by Josh's younger brother Jeremy, a ninth-round draft pick by the New York Mets two months ago.
As well, a fish ladder was constructed, similar in nature to an underwater flight of stairs, connecting the lake to the downstream creek.
The second film finds a redheaded gallery employee, Karon Hepburn, wearing mourning black and gazing expressionlessly through a window before descending a flight of stairs.
In this year's race-and-class drama, Crash, the maid character was browbeaten by a neurotic housewife played by Sandra Bullock, only to dutifully comfort her after the erstwhile Miss Congeniality fell down a flight of stairs.
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