flight line

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place where airplanes are parked and the maintenance hangars (but not the runways or taxiways)

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Like any job, flight line security is stressful and hard, said Serra.
In the early years of aviation (1909 to 1945), flight line maintainers were embedded in flying squadrons.
Known elevations along a flight line were used to calculate the landscape surface elevation.
Eastern OptX announced two new radar altimeter test sets that can be used in the lab or on the flight line.
Vanquish Worldwide is honored to mentor younger government contracting small businesses, such as Alpha Ten with its Flight Line contract, Vanquish President and CEO Dr.
However, despite this overall guidance, a closer look at the AFSO21 Playbook highlights why the flight line leader may have missed the "Safety step" in the 8-step process.
The ODO passed word to Maintenance Control, and at 1430 all personnel were cleared from the flight line.
The organizational structure that best supports the fight alignment for flight line maintenance should be one where trained, educated, and experienced experts are available when things do not go as planned.
Boeing (NYSE:BA) on Monday reported that another 787 Dreamliner has moved to the flight line to start fuel testing.
Every bird except for the Kiowa Warrior should be chocked whether it's in the hangar or on the flight line.
The event will also feature display aircraft parked over about one mile of Edwards' flight line.
Despite snow-covered grounds, taxiways, and runways, the flight line was alive with VAQ-138 and VAQ-133 EA-6B aircraft which participated in myriad blue and red air exercises.
The cold days of winter are absolute zero fun, until a nice, light snow covers the flight line, resulting in an all-out snowball fight before we get back to the hangar.
The officer-in-charge of the squadron's flight line division, Capt.
We don't have to be out there on that hot old flight line anymore.
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