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the flight crewman responsible for mechanical operation while in flight

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Rettinger's major roadblock was that no other Air Force applicant had successfully enlisted into a KC-10 flight engineer position, but she was determined to fly as an aircrew member.
The flight engineer cared enough to troubleshoot the problem when the hairs on the back of his neck started standing up.
We set up the intercommunication system (ICS), so the flight engineer on the ground and pilot in the flight station could talk.
The LFS course being mainly for the benefit of the Pilot (Skipper) and myself as a flight engineer to familiarise us with the aircraft's performance and flying capabilities.
New airline pilots usually start as officers or flight engineers.
Wartime Lancaster bomber flight engineer Arthur Pritchard has died aged 86
NASA Television will provide live coverage of the March 10 spacewalk of Expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke and Flight Engineer Yury Lonchakov.
James Clarizio, who was a flight engineer in the U.
Squadron Leader Stuart Reid piloted the plane, owned by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and normally based at Coningsby, and the flight engineer was Ian Morton, who was originally from Baginton.
VQ-2 flight engineer AMC Raul Addoms exceeded 10,000 flight hours in the P-3 Orion.
During the Second World War he twice received a Distinguished Flying Cross, the only flight engineer in the RAF to receive two such honours.
SrA Grunert immediately informed his instructor and the flight engineer of the problem.
A spokesman added: "We have no other flight engineers on any of our subsonic fleet, so it's not possible to offer them any other flight engineer role.
Saffi, a flight engineer who lives in New Zealand, flew from New Zealand and entered the US in Los Angeles.
ANA, Japan's second largest airline, has been progressively introducing aircraft that can handle such monitoring by computer and nearly 90% of its fleet can now be operated by a pilot and copilot, without a flight engineer.