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control from ground stations of airplanes in flight by means of messages transmitted to the pilot electronically

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David Reade remarked, "Some of the things this jet can do with the flight controls are amazing
It should be self-evident that both ground and flight control systems represent natural phenomena that are within easy grasp of human beings.
Through its teamwork and dedication, the PMA-265 Air Vehicle Systems Flight Controls IPT successfully stood up non-existent repair capability within the Navy, and increased repair capability of contracted commercial sources.
The innovative system that we are testing at Dryden is advancing flight control technology by adding an adaptive element which is new for launch vehicles.
The primary flight control system is said to include state of the art electro-hydrostatic actuators (EHAs), electro-backup hydrostatic actuators (EBHAs), actuator electronics and electrical controls.
Mark Howes, president of Honeywell Aerospace, Asia Pacific, said, 'Honeywell's 60 years of flight control technology development and its selection on COMAC's ARJ21 regional jet provide the experience necessary for the C919.
Athena's flight control systems are used today to control and autonomously land hundreds of UAVs in operation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
In Flight Control, players must guide planes, jets and helicopters safely to their landing zones.
Aircraft manufacturer Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force have selected BAE Systems to provide flight control electronics for the KC-390 military transport aircraft.
The test aircraft will have two flight control systems: its regular system to bring the aircraft up to test altitudes and speeds, and the test software.
Athena's GuideStar(TM) integrates GPS/INS sensors and flight control laws in a single miniature unit.
The system will include flight control computers, primary and secondary flight control actuators, high lift system, cockpit sensors and miscellaneous components.
Liebherr-Aerospace has been selected by Alenia Aermacchi to supply an FCS test rig capable of implementing load alleviation functionality and to provide engineering support for the development of a next-generation flight control system.
The broad coverage of topics emphasizes the synergies among the various flight control systems and attempts to show their evolution from the same set of physical principles as well as their design and analysis by similar mathematical tools.
The system is a full-authority digital flight controller that provides fly-by-wire flight control, integrated flight and propulsion control, aircraft center-of-gravity computation for stores and fuel contents, structural air loads alleviation, and superior handling performance.