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control from ground stations of airplanes in flight by means of messages transmitted to the pilot electronically

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The test aircraft will have two flight control systems, its regular system to bring the aircraft up to test altitudes and speeds, and the test software.
The flight-critical DFLCC is a quadruple redundant computer at the core of the fly-by-wire flight control system for the F-16.
Dryden looks forward to developing REFLCS as a valuable tool-set for both the Air Force and NASA to do more advanced flight control research, such as Intelligent Flight and Propulsion Control,'' said Jerry Henry, NASA Intelligent Vehicle program manager.
The Flight Control experience transfers perfectly to the targeted mobile platforms because of the intuitive controls and pure simplicity.
Athena's flight control systems are used today to control and autonomously land hundreds of UAVs in operation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The range of aviation equipment produced by Liebherr for the civil and military sectors includes flight control and actuation systems, landing gear and air management systems.
With the help of Virginia-based contractor Veridian, they also created a flight control program for actually simulating the Flyer's handling in the air, by flying a specially modified Lear jet fitted with the program.
The successful localization of the T-50 flight control computer production program represents an important milestone in industrial cooperation between BAE Systems and NEX1 Future," said Andre Doumitt, business development director for BAE Systems in Los Angeles.
Athena Technologies, a leading provider of flight control and navigation solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), today announced the appointment of Rear Admiral James "Gib" Godwin (Ret.
E1-1 in Hall 1, Liebherr-Aerospace will exhibit products from the fields of air management, flight control and actuation, gearboxes and landing gear systems.
And its computerized flight control system is far more sophisticated than on any previous spacecraft, and one of the first for any aircraft.
Athena Technologies announced today its GuideStar[TM] flight control and navigation system contributed to the successful first flight of Aurora Flight Sciences' GoldenEye 80 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
Contract Awarded to Deliver fly-by-wire enabled flight control solutions
The program is using a series of engineless X-38 test aircraft to test the shape of the crew return vehicle, autonomous flight control systems to pilot the vehicle, and a parafoil system that will be used to steer and set the vehicle down gently.
Groundbreaking Interactive 3D Application Realistically Demonstrates System-Wide Operations of Moog's Aircraft Flight Control Systems