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an attendant on an airplane

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Withdrawal of these absurd allegations is the only responsible action that can be taken by the IAM in the best interests of Flight Attendants.
Decades of collective bargaining built the US Airways Flight Attendant contract into one of the premier agreements for our profession.
John Roche, a surgical resident from the University of California, Davis, who was en route from Sacramento to Dallas aboard American Flight 1158, was answering a call for a physician from flight attendants who had discovered an unconscious passenger in the cabin.
Immediately following the horrific events, Flight Attendants and crewmembers helped usher millions of passengers home to their families and loved ones.
PHOTO (1--Color) Northwest flight attendants Gail Moore, left, and Jackie Deal rally with others at Detroit Metro Airport in support of striking pilots Friday.
Republic has 40 Flight Attendants based at the airport, and we hope that number grows in the future as we work to expand our operations and strengthen the airport's mix of airlines, destinations and business activities.
The industry made no admissions Friday and did not accept responsibility for any illnesses suffered by flight attendants.
As part of its Chapter 11 reorganization, Northwest Airlines' management has imposed a new contract upon that carrier's flight attendants that contains steep pay cuts and significant work rule changes.
Northwest, flight attendants should continue talks: A flight attendants strike at Northwest Airlines would complicate travel for thousands of fliers, the Detroit Free Press editorial board writes.
However, a spokeswoman for the Association of Flight Attendants said Thurmond forcefully shoved the flight attendant out of the way after he asked the senator if he had a first-class ticket.
We have expressed to the flight attendant executive council our sincere congratulations and interest in teaming to cooperatively operate in a manner consistent with this new agreement," said Bill Boisture, NetJets Aviation president.
We're marching around the world for Flight Attendants at United and every Flight Attendant in the industry who works as aviation's first responders," said AFA International President Sara Nelson.
In Japan, becoming a flight attendant - a ``soochoowadesu'' - is a dream come true.
NEW YORK -- Today, a Dade County Circuit Court jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Philip Morris USA and other cigarette manufacturers, finding that they are not responsible for the injuries a flight attendant claims were caused by her exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) while employed as a flight attendant.
WASHINGTON, July 10, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The world's largest Flight Attendant union, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA), is conducting a system-wide Day of Action on July 16[sup.
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