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Surely those were lights flickering and moving about, and, yes, there were men carrying them.
With a shake of his head, Tarzan stepped to the flickering candle, extinguished its feeble rays and turned toward the exit.
Suddenly, away on our left I saw a fain flickering blue flame.
If you've been plagued by the screen flickering issue recently dubbed 'flickergate,' sticking your PC in the freezer appears to offer temporary relief.
This image sensor is equipped with an LED flicker mitigation function that reduces flickering when shooting LED signs and traffic signals, as well as an HDR function capable of 120dB wide dynamic range shooting.
Watching flickering LED lights has been demonstrated to have exciting, early potential as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists.
Flickering lights can take a toll on occupants and their productivity.
Furthermore, it is equipped with BenQ's proprietary Flicker-free technology to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels.
The new exam involves looking into a device equipped with alternating flickering lights.
Using an electroencephalogram (EEG) cap, the system allows users to move forwards, turn left and right, sit and stand simply by staring at one of five flickering light emitting diodes (LEDs).
Flickering effect for fluorescent lamps can be reduced by using of electronic ballasts [5].
Great for the festive period or for any time you want to enjoy a warm, flickering glow.
Washington, August 23 ( ANI ): Astronomers have devised a new way that slices and dices the flickering light from a distant star to determine the strength of gravity at its surface.
Eye fatigues are also caused by flickering backlight which can result in headaches, eye strain and blurred vision brought by prolonged computer use.
1) However, British visual observers monitoring U Geminorum in the 19th century also reported rapid irregular variations and I am convinced that these reports, commencing in 1856, have recorded genuine large scale flickering events.