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a pocketknife with a blade that springs open at the press of a button

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She said: "A pop star posing with a flick-knife is not going to set a very good example to kids.
South-West London JP Elizabeth Howlett detailed a number of flick-knife cases in recent weeks.
Officers quickly recognised the telltale description of the stranger who had pulled a flick-knife and ordered a boy to hand over his mobile.
A BOY was threatened with a flick-knife by a teenager who stole money from him.
Bond, James Bond features a stunning collection of some of the most famous gadgets, from Rosa Klebb's infamous flick-knife shoe to Oddjob's killer bowler hat.
How else can we explain an eight-year old boy being arrested and charged with having a flick-knife at his Midlothian Primary School.
During a struggle Kelly produced a lighter, which he held near one of the boy's hands, while Prentice produced a flick-knife.
The flick-knife was one of dozens of weapons seized during a police crackdown across Strathclyde.
A TEENAGER was robbed in Coventry by a gang of youths who held a flick-knife to his throat.
Rosa Klebb's flick-knife shoes and Oddjob's killer bowler hat are just some of the items on display.
A police spokeswoman said the woman was approached by a youth who produced what is believed to have been a flick-knife with a 3in blade.
Then an Asian man in green T-shirt, jeans and trainers sprinted up with a flick-knife concealed in a jumper wrapped around his hand.
In a separate incident a boy of 12 grabbed a girl in a school corridor and held a flick-knife to her throat in Grimsby, North East Lincs.
AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD boy has been excluded from school after he pulled a flick-knife in the playground.
The troubled singer, 25, a former pupil at Nicholas Chamberlaine School in Bedworth, yesterday admitted possession of a four-inch flick-knife when he appeared before Thames Magistrates Court, East London.