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a pocketknife with a blade that springs open at the press of a button

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The bins will be emptied after this Friday but the one at Middlehaven Police Office in Middlesbrough already contains three machetes and several flick knives.
Three stun guns, a martial arts throwing star, two knuckle dusters, an extendable baton, a pair of nun-chucks and two flick knives were recovered during a search.
He was then searched and two flick knives were found in his pocket and a combat knife with a blade of 14cm was discovered in a rucksack he was carrying.
Award-winning director Neil Bartlett does his best to shake things up Sicilian-style - with sharp suits, sharper flick knives, and an itinerant band playing the signature tune to The Godfather.
With a budget of just 50 Euros a Sunday Mail investigative reporter amassed a deadly arsenal of flick knives, daggers and razor-edged Ninja-style throwing implements from souvenir gift shops and kiosks in Protaras.
For the next five weeks people will be able to hand in offensive weapons such as flick knives, butterfly knives and swords without fear of reprisal," reported the May 24 issue of the London Sun tabloid.
The 337 weapons included flick knives and hunting knives as well as a number of bayonets and a ceremonial sword.
A NORTH Wales man yesterday admitted illegally importing pepper sprays, flick knives, butterfly knives and batons.
The most common items seized included scissors, tweezers, corkscrews and nail files, but security staff have also seized credit card knife kits, flick knives, bike chains, tools and knitting needles, reported PA News.
The playground armoury includes flick knives, machetes, baseball bats, hammers and knuckle-dusters.
Mrs Topham continued: "The nature of knives that were recovered were a sheath knife, a bottle-ring knife, three lock knives, one bock knife (a gravity knife), two flick knives, five machetes, a butterfly knife, a buck knife and 13 other knives.
I would carry anything from flick knives to lock knives, even bread knives and a screwdriver.
The most common weapon carried by pupils was a penknife but some boasted of carrying flick knives on the streets.
They include kitchen knives, decorative but lethal collectables, and flick knives.
Hewas arrested by police officers at DurhamTees Valley Airport and a search of his luggage found four more illegal flick knives.