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a pocketknife with a blade that springs open at the press of a button

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According to the prosecution, Hull approached the group in the Pentwyn, Cardiff, on May 23 holding a flick knife and said: "If you don't get in the car I am going to stab you.
a dfl The judge said he had seen photo of the weapon, and described it as a Stanley-type flick knife.
He tested positive for cannabis and an open flick knife was found in his glove compartment, Teesside Crown Court heard from prosecutor Jenny Haigh last Friday.
The weapon was a flick knife, which Jack Bauer had taken with him when he went out dressed in the way he was and with the rather chilling intention that he declared to his girlfriend.
It was alleged Gardner had armed herself with a flick knife and pursued Ms Jones after she smashed a window at her home on March 14.
There will also be prototypes of Rosa Klebb's flick knife shoes in From Russia With Love and Goldfinger's golf shoes.
A MUGGER who made off with a schoolboy's mobile phone after threatening to stab him with a flick knife was jailed for three years yesterday.
The knives also doubled as lighters, and after examining one Judge Marten Coates ruled: 'This seems to me to be an offensive weapon per se, a flick knife.
The pair was walking along Castle Street at about 2am yesterday when they were approached by two men who pulled out a flick knife and threatened them.
LIBERTINES frontman Pete Doherty has been arrested for possessing a flick knife.
THE death of 14-year-old Luke Walmsley, stabbed with a six-inch flick knife in a school corridor last week, is as scandalous as it is tragic.
The "clown", around 5ft tall, drew a flick knife and ran.
The flick knife was found in the surgical sock, which he had on after breaking his leg retrieving a child's ball from a roof.
A Holywell man who was given a second chance after hitting someone over the head with a bottle is beginning a jail term after brandishing a flick knife days after walking free from court.
But as he was driven to Bauer pulled out a flick knife and pressed it against Mr Pearson's neck.