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a female fool

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At the other end of the spectrum was Flibbertigibbet, a popular Sou African Irish band who recorded their first album in 1976.
Despite their partnership as faux conjurors in chapter 10, Wayland Smith and Flibbertigibbet differ qualitatively, as the subsequent action bears out.
Five fiends have been in Poor Tom at once; of lust, as Obidcut; Hobbididence, prince of dumbness; Mahu, of stealing; Modo, of murder; Flibbertigibbet, of mopping and mowing; who since possesses chambermaids and waiting-women.
Posey's nervous, flibbertigibbet energy is assertive without inducing many laughs.
Why not go back to the start with a young Jane Marple, a swingin' flibbertigibbet in uptight postwar England?
At that time they were angry over a story, a yarn, a flibbertigibbet piece of fiction.
Both flibbertigibbet and savant, "that person" is an obsessive draftsman, and for this show he used black paint to cover dozens of pages of white graph paper with text and images.
But despite their caution it was always the same dashing of hope, the same sadness and here was this flibbertigibbet striding down the slippery hill with her fool of a boyfriend and no care for what was inside her
And much as Andrew Lycett in DYLAN THOMAS: A NEW LIFE (Overlook, $35) would like to blame Dylan's snobby dad, a grammar-school English teacher who thought he was a gentleman of letters; or his flibbertigibbet mom, indulging the juvenile delinquent who threw rocks at swans; or his crazy wile, Caitlin, who tried to match him drink for drink and adultery for adultery; or even America, where Shelley Winters let him feel her breasts--sadly, it was none of the above.
Dobbs is a delightful flibbertigibbet as his spouse, while Hess gets good mileage from the crowdpleasing, blowhard count.
The pop flibbertigibbet famed for her vocal acrobatics, this week slipped a pounds 35m pay-off into her sequinned handbag.
Crewson's Lila is mother-as-clown, a weepy, dense, flibbertigibbet cross between the Mary Tyler Moores of Ordinary People and The Dick Van Dyke Show.
No, you flibbertigibbet, you're off, and I have no idea where you're gone.
And it spilled over onto the streets through the Abram-man or Tom o' Bedlam, blanket-covered, filthy and with elfinknotted hair like Edgar in King Lear, wandering the lanes, haunted by the foul fiend Flibbertigibbet, or gaudily dressed and supposedly singing Bedlamite ballads that told mad tales and perpetuated the Bedlam myth.
Never "God Save the King": she contemptuously ignored all Edward VII- and George V-come-latelys--and even more, their possible flibbertigibbet descendants.