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a female fool

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For Hugh, though, I reckon it could be the best thing that's happened to him After a life-time of being a hedonistic flibbertigibbet, flitting from one thing and one woman to another and focussed entirely on himself he will have another person in his life who must take precedence.
This flibbertigibbet streak perhaps accounts for his refusal to stick with a successful technique when he found one.
When asked why by some flibbertigibbet with a BBC mic, Judy said: "It helps take my mind off things.
And if a man like my Uncle Alf wants to smoke his fags, then no bossy little flibbertigibbet has the right to forbid him.
uk /lifestyle It's a bit of all-White playing McTwisp Providing the voice for McTwisp, the White Rabbit, was an immediately attractive proposition for master-of-disguise Michael Sheen - even though he was denied the chance to dress up as the flibbertigibbet clock-watcher.
Age gives him experience and gravitas, unlike so many flibbertigibbet MPs snaking up the Westminster ladder.
Life must have been jolly spiffing for the toffs in tails and flibbertigibbet flappers in the days after World War One - the setting for the first part of Channel 4's epic adaptation of Anthony Powell's A Dance To The Music Of Time.
Expertly counterbalancing the twins' flibbertigibbet antics are Wiesen and Willow Geer, whose characters find themselves deliriously in love largely against their will.
SHE'S a flibbertigibbet sort of gal, who never wants to grow up, grow old or go grey.
I'm a flibbertigibbet, I bolt through cheap thrillers but I couldn't read Troilus And Cressida or Coriolanus with any great pleasure, ' he said.
Thatcher decimated the town when she drove the steel mills under, which makes it a measure of how low the Blairs took Labour that Corby voted Tory last time and ended up with a fly-by-night, flibbertigibbet multimillionairess MP like Louise Mensch who has, well, flown by night - all the way to New York to join her billionaire new husband, leaving Corby in the lurch.
All the best-laid plans of punters have been reduced to rubble - now contestants you suspect would have won over the public, like Sophie, are at risk from the whim of flibbertigibbet judges.
And the one naysayer, Princeton art professor Hal Foster, comes off as a simpering flibbertigibbet.
Why couldn't they have picked an irresponsible Brummie or a flibbertigibbet Geordie, for heaven's sake?