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Synonyms for flay



Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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In fact, Bob was surprisingly good as smarmy theatre critic Sylvester Le Fley, who lived in a swanky rural pile with an aristo wife he didn't love and a son he didn't care about.
Creek (Alan Davies) cracked the case in a record four and a half minutes, but didn't feel like sharing his theory with Le Fley, on account of the fact he'd used his poison pen to dub the magician's assistant a "witless trickster".
For 10 years I had a cause and a future,'' said Luis Fley, a former farmer and Contra leader who is known as Comandante Johnson to the men he led in the northern mountains of Nicaragua.
Dillon follows the the trail of Luis Fley, a contra field commander who went by the nom de guerre Comandante Jhonson [sic].
Likewise revealing are lines from Robert Mannyng's The Story of England which, apart from the regular rhymes, like fley : ney, also contains several curious rhymes of ney with by (8447), party (