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Synonyms for flexure

Synonyms for flexure

the state of being flexed (as of a joint)

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

act of bending a joint


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7 Men 62% ASA classification <3 88% >3 12% Tumor location Hepatic flexure 40% Transverse colon 49% Splenic flexure 11% Pathologic stage I 38% II 35% III 27% Outcomes 5-year survival 61% Stage I 55% Stage II 83% Stage III 58% 5-year disease-free survival 88% Lymph node retrieval 23.
The cables were submitted to 6 simple flexure cycles on three aluminum pulleys, of 29 mm in diameter and a groove radius of 0.
The first preliminary flexural tests were conducted on PEI and PA joints, evaluating the difference in fatigue life for both single direction 30 degree flexures and +/- 45 degree reversing flexures.
The moisture conditioned PA joints only survived 20% of the required flexures (+/- 45 degrees), compared with the unconditioned parts surviving 144% of the required flexure cycles.
This retrograde view complements the forward view of the colonoscope and may reveal abnormalities that are hidden behind folds and flexures.
Like most giant greenstone gold deposits, Ahafo is associated with a flexure of the belt bounding shear zone.
Much of the ore mined at Detour is controlled by flexures or folds in the laterally extensive cherty mine horizon (CMH), a structurally significant unit at a mafic-ultramafic contact.
Holes PMDDH - 020 to 026 - Flexure on Main Mine Horizon
It is generally regarded that flexures or warps along such deformation zones, as covered by the Queenston claims, are important features in the deposition of gold deposits.
1% accuracy and features specially designed Weigh Bars instead of the commonly used welded flexures.
By using newly developed actuators, flexures, and controls, Inertial Harmonic Drive-based products can be powered from a standard USB port, requiring no extra power supply or cabling.
In the Lannitang area brittle fracturing and fault bends and flexures control much mineralization emplacement in the sandy or carbonaceous metasediments of the carboniferous Shaushanguan Formation.
Stockwork veining is continuously developed along the dipping plane of these flexures with higher-grade zones locally developed.