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Synonyms for flexure

Synonyms for flexure

the state of being flexed (as of a joint)

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

act of bending a joint


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The changes in flexural strength of different wood flour fraction size (modified with APTES) and polymers (LLDPE-g-MAH and PP) are described in Fig.
Meanwhile, 3-point bending test result in Figure 4, and 5 stands for flexural strength, and flexural modulus of rice husk/recycle PPVC composite respectively.
The nanoparticles improve mechanical properties of the produced objects, including their flexural strength and toughness, and cause hydroxyapatite to decompose at higher temperatures.
The flexural properties were determined according to ASTM D790 and performed on a MTS QTest/25.
The basis for the flexural strength design methodology of concrete member with non-metallic reinforcement is the balanced reinforcement ratio [rho].
Samples of dimensions of 20 x 20 x 100 mm for flexural strength test were cast and cured in moulds for 3 days at above the water and 4 days at the ambient temperature of 20 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C.
2007) studied the probability of wood-plastic composite stiffnesses and flexural strengths using parametric and nonparametric probability plots.
Flexural properties of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), glass bead (GB) and glass fiber (GF) ternary composites have been studied [1].
Some reports have said that in mature concrete the improvements in compressive strengths, splitting tensile strength, and flexural strength are not really significant when synthetic fibres have been applied in low volume (0.
These laminates present a quite low stiffness and flexural rigidity.
For instance, Vectra V140 has ultimate tensile strength of 1450 MPa, flexural strength of 230 MPa, and compressive modulus of 16,000 MPa.
Standards and properties of combined board such as compression strength and flexural stiffness characteristics
DSM ProtoTool 20L has six times the flexural strength, 2.
The AFAM technique measures the frequencies of an atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilever's first two flexural resonances while in contact with a material.