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Synonyms for flexuous

repeatedly curving in alternate directions

capable of being shaped, bent, or drawn out, as by hammering or pressure

Words related to flexuous

having turns or windings

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Filaments are free living, solitary, free floating, straight, flexuous, wavy or irregularly coiled, with firm, thin, colorless sheaths and very rarely false branched.
Stems dimorphic; sterile (non-sporulating) stems green (chlorophyllus) with whorls of branches at node; fertile (sporulating) stems brownish (achlorophyllus) unbranched; dark bands not present above or below nodal sheaths; strobili ("cones") 1-3 cm long, stalks 2-5 cm long, apex rounded, maturing early spring before sterile stems; aerial stems annual, flexuous E.
1/5 the way to the rachises, equal to or shorter than the sterile portion; rachis with dark sclerenchyma exposed abaxially, covered by the laminar tissue adaxially, flexuous, pubescent, the hairs hyaline, soft, 0.
Inflorescence laxly paniculate, bipinnate, 25-47 x 15-22 cm, erect, primary bracts broadly ovate, 4045 x 30 mm, greenish to slightly purplish, suberect, distinctly shorter than the stipes, branches 2 to 5 in number (including the terminal one), the lateral ones (10-) 15-28 cm long, suberect, densely to subdensely flowered at anthesis, 6- to 10-flowered, rachis slightly flexuous, 1-2 x 0.
Corolla lobes strongly coiled to flexuous, never stiffly erect; corolla cream-colored, yellowish, or reddish.
Although the strategy of the American radical temperament seeking strategic withdrawal can be traced a century earlier to the premise of Thoreau's "walled-in" hut, Sanders updates it by chronicling an anxious generation that sought strategic interment, an embunkered generation that found consolation and community within the magic space of a private urban zone, willing (indeed needing) to live not within the flexuous tensions of engagement but rather within the energizing logic of retreat and separation.
Pellaea ovata belongs to the Section Pellaea and it can be easily recognized by the scandent habit, creeping and dichotomously branched rhizomes, flexuous and pubescent rachises, stalked and ovate to cordate segments, and lamina glabrous on both surfaces (Fig.
Inflorescence laxly paniculate, broadly pyramidate, tripinnate at base and bipinnate toward the apex, 65-70 cm long, 20-45 cm in diameter at base, erect, rachis white lanate but soon glabrous, dark purple-wine, rugulose, straight to slightly flexuous near the apex, 1-1.
large fronds with lax appearance, thin, flexuous stipes and rachides, wide-angled pinnae [Fig.
50 cm tall; dark brown to blackish petioles and rachises, the rachises not flexuous, bearing hairs and filiform scales, adaxially slightly sulcate and with two narrow wings; the laminae light green, 2-3-pinnate at the base, sometimes the proximal pinnules only lobate, subcoriaceous and glabrous on the laminar tissue; pinnules varying from ovate to lanceolate (Figs.