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a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint

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Within-group comparisons of side showed no difference in volume of the lateral flexor muscle group between the less/more-affected sides in the patients with MS or the strong/weak sides of the controls (p > 0.
Label updates include addition of two thumb flexor muscles and increased maximum cumulative dose
During the RB trials performed in rough road conditions, rmsEMG (%MVC) values for the forearm flexor muscles have reached their highest levels.
Winger Brent Tate, who damaged a hip flexor muscle in last Sunday's 52-0 semi-final win over Fiji, and loose forward Paul Gallen, who sat out training yesterday with a dead leg, have both been named in coach Ricky Stuart's starting line-up.
The Wales outside-half injured his hip flexor muscle in the match against Leicester on November 3 and although he started the match in Paris against Stade Francais 10 days ago he had to leave the field after 25 minutes.
In the study, 22 college-age adults performed isometric contractions of the left elbow flexor muscle at an intensity equal to a quarter of their maximal voluntary contraction held until task failure.
The iliopsoas is the great flexor muscle of the hip joint, divisible in two parts--the iliac and great psoas.
Therefore, it has been suggested that by increasing plantar flexor muscle strength an increase in plantar pressure may lead to an increased risk of ulceration.
The hip flexor muscle (iliopsoas) may be rubbing over the pelvic wall.
Giles sat out the second day at Hove as a precaution after straining the hip flexor muscle in his right leg and is awaiting the results of a scan.
Slowly push your pelvis forward until you feel the stretch in the upper thigh/hip flexor muscle of your rear leg.
By engaging the curve in alternating directions, the Ultimate Hand Helper emphasizes different flexor muscle and tendon groups, while providing controlled resistance and range-of-motion exercising.
The study found that BOTOX([R]) neurotoxin produced a statistically significant reduction in both wrist flexor and finger flexor muscle tone seen at the week six primary endpoint (P < .
But the Anfield medical team have assessed the slight tear Sturridge suffered in his hip flexor muscle, and they believe he should be fit to face the Gunners.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the ability of a novel VIKM-HNP to substitute for the function of eccentric knee extensor and plantar flexor muscle contractions to absorb power and regulate body lowering to the next step without unduly loading the upper limbs.
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