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a skeletal muscle whose contraction bends a joint

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Effect of hyaluronic acid on rabbit profundus flexor tendon healing in vitro.
If the upper body is raised beyond the range of a crunch, the hip flexors are targeted more than the abdominals anyway.
Muscles worked: hip flexors (top and front part of the thighs), calves and feet; also promotes proper running posture.
Injury report: Safety Darnell Bing suffered a hip flexor while defensive end Kyle Moore sprained his knee and tailback LenDale White got punched in the face by a Hawaii player, but none of the injuries is considered serious.
Force Computers, a Solectron company (NYSE:SLR) and a leader in embedded computing, today announced its Flexor System 1 embedded server won the Fall 2000 Communications Solutions Expo Best of Show award, as featured in the February 2001 Communications Solutions magazine and at http://www.
Flexor IDP3S370/733 Boasts High Performance and High Quality
The Flexor Model 7070 features a high pin-count VITA 57.
8,727,650 B2; Craig Carroll of Newport Beach, CA and Steve Armstrong of San Juan Capistrano, CA patented a cosmetic dispenser that holds a substance; a body housing the reservoir; an applicator selectively extendable or retractable through an opening; and a cap for electively exposing and closing the opening for electively extending the applicator and exposing the opening, comprising (1) a pair of cap shoots coupled to the cap and (2) at least one flexor that is mechanically coupled to the cap and housing so that said means operates by mechanically forcing the cap off the opening via the cap shoots and away from the path of the applicator via the flexor; means for electively locking the extended applicator and, means for ejecting the substance.
Using a specialized experimental setup that allows one to monitor locomotion in the spinal cord itself, the team saw a synchronous pattern of flexor and extensor activity when V2b interneurons were inactivated along with the V1 interneurons.
McClean's absence was con-firmed yesterday when the Football Association of Ireland revealed that a scan on Wearside had revealed a hip flexor strain which could yet keep him out of next Tuesday's trip to the Faroe Islands.
MRI of the right hand revealed prominent edema between the flexor tendons and proximal phalanx of the long finger, with abnormal separation of the flexor tendons from the proximal phalanx (Figures 1 and 2a).
flexor cruris lateralis, finally tapering to a strong tendon behind the knee.
As a pioneer of surgical innovation to the upper and lower extremity markets, Core Essence Orthopaedics developed PONTiS to enhance flexor tendon repair procedures.