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direction finder that determines the angular direction of incoming radio signals

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When the flexometer test was finished, the final compression set and internal temperature change in every sample were measured.
Flexometers or heat build-up fatigue apparatus have been developed to quantitatively measure this empirical parameter (refs.
Bezadi Instrumentation: Testing technologies for rubber, including durometers/IRHD hardness testers, flexometers, abrasion testers, rebound resilience testers, tensile testers, brittleness testers, densimeters, dies and clicker presses and more (See our ad on page 75)
Uncured specimens for the drum abrader, flexometer and Zwick rebound tests were prepared by cutting disks from flat sheets and plying up sufficient layers to fill the cavities in multi-cavity molds for curing.
1000NT) Rheological properties Rheometer (Alpha Technologies MDR 2000) Processing behaviors Mooney viscometer (MV2000) Stress-strain properties Zwick tensile testing machine (Model Z010) Hardness Durometer A hardness testing machine Abrasion resistance DIN abrader (Zwick) Heat build-up Goodrich Flexometer (Model II--BF Goodrich) Cut growth testing DeMattia flex tester-- F36 (H.
Instrumentation: Dynamic mechanical thermal materials testing systems (DMA/DMTS/DMTA) and flexometer Gabometer (according to Goodrich flexometer)
The equipment used for physico-chemical and compound property characterization of carbon black and rubber vulcanizates included: OAN or DBPA (Brabender DBP machine model E, with DADS software from Hitech), nitrogen surface area (Quantachrome), tint (Erichsen tint tester), Mooney viscometer (MV 2000--Alpha Technologies), moving die rheometer (MDR 2000--Alpha Technologies), hardness (IRHD, Wallace), tensile tester (Zwick Z010), dispersion (Dispergrader 1000 GT, Optigrade AB), abrasion (Zwick Abrader 6102), rebound resilience (Zwick 5109), tan [delta] and neat build-up at different temperatures (Goodrich Flexometer, Model II) and crack growth and cut initiation at different temperatures (DeMattia Flex, Gibitre Italy).