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direction finder that determines the angular direction of incoming radio signals

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When the flexometer test was finished, the final compression set and internal temperature change in every sample were measured.
The maximal passive ankle ROM was evaluated before and after the static-stretching protocol with a flexometer, with a sensitivity of 1[degrees] (Sanny[R], Brazil).
Then the sample is inserted into the DMA (or flexometer test system/Gabometer) by the gripper, and finally takes its analysis position.
using the Leighton Flexometer with the subjects in the seated position.
ROM: ROM was assessed based on the angular displacement of the relaxed and flexed elbow joint, using a flexometer (Leighton Flexometer Inc.
Compression fatigue was determined following ASTM D623 using a BFGoodrich Flexometer.
Instrumentation: Dynamic mechanic thermal materials testing systems (DMA/ DMTS/DMTA), flexometer 'Gabometer' (according to Goodrich flexometer) Services offered: Contract service