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a flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs

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Infections from flexible endoscopes, missed alarms, and opioid-related deaths lead the Top 10 Health Technology Hazards List for 2016, available now for free download
We believe that using a flexible endoscope holder for orbital repair via a sublabial transantral approach improves visualization, instrument mobility, and the overall ease of dissection.
An endoscope that is rigid, finds applications in arthroscopy and laparoscopies and flexible endoscopes have application in gastrointestinal, urology and other systems where rigid endoscope may not reach.
Much of what GI surgeons do today is on the verge of being taken over by gastroenterologists and other nonsurgeons wielding ever-more-so-phisticated flexible endoscopes, Dr.
the flexible endoscope (ureteroscope) produces crystal clear and 3-times larger images, allowing visibility directly onto the stone and its location.
An adequate examination of the trachea and lower airways requires a flexible endoscope and a recording system with video-capture capabilities, such as a videocassette recorder (VCR) with slow-motion and freeze-frame options.
Using a small-diameter, optical-fiber delivery system, the laser allows treatments to be administered in the operating room, or in an office-based setting under local anesthesia, through the working channel of a flexible endoscope.
HPLC for clinical chemistry; Cardiac Ultrasound; Cartridge-based, automated PCR diagnostic test for pathogens; Maldi-Tof analyser; Flexible Endoscope Reprocesors and endoscopes Storage cabinets; Clinical information system for intensive care unit; Computed Tomagraphy imaging system; Lithotriptor; Fetal Monitors and Information system for central surveillance.
2) Anesthesiologists are usually able to intubate the difficult adult airway with a flexible endoscope.
corresponding flexible endoscope adapted described application.
2 Jul 22, 2011: Hoya Opens First Office In China For Flexible Endoscope Business To Strengthen Healthcare Delivery In China 127
The agency also issued a safety communication today recommending that health care facilities currently using Custom Ultrasonics AERs transition away from their use to alternative methods to reprocess flexible endoscopes as soon as possible.
The Food and Drug Administration is advising health care providers to stop using two models of a machine used to wash and disinfect flexible endoscopes, if the providers have an alternative method of disinfection.
Nelson Hospital microbiologist Richard Everts spoke about infection control and endoscopy, the importance of thorough manual cleaning of hollow flexible endoscopes before processing in an automated endoscopic processor, and the importance of hand washing.
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