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Synonyms for cable

a telegram sent abroad

a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire

a nautical unit of depth

television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with a cable

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The structural scheme of a classical single-span suspension bridge that consists of a flexible cable, a stiffening girder, hangers, pylons and anchor cables is shown in Fig.
3M Electronic Solutions Division offers new flexible cables for camera-to-framegrabber connection in machine vision applications.
The iCage includes a durable, lightweight protective skin, set-your-own 3-digit combination lock for keyless convenience, flexible cable for lock-down security, and three (3) invisible shrink wraps for screen and body scratch protection.
Flex Cable - The flexible cable, not shipped with the standard module, is designated for insertion into FFC connector.
MegaPhase offers 50+ different products lines including precision semi-rigid cables up to large OD high power flexible cable assemblies.
Flexible cable, patch loop, brush connector, and sliding pull bead are permanent parts of the cleaning cable.
Leading cable tie manufacturer, HellermannTyton has launched a new releasable metal content tie to provide a more flexible cable management product for electrical contractors working within the food and pharmaceutical industries.
He and Ashtiani have developed a flexible cable consisting of an inner core of liquid-crystal-polymer strands in an outer sheath.
The flexible cable design plugs straight into a USB port and there's even a handy light which tells you when the camera is on.
Open base and top panels provide for flexible cable entry.
The 2MAX also features a stronger, more flexible cable.
A large flexible cable carrying fibre optics would be attached to a drill that would secure a grip within a borehole.
The flexible cable can be wire-tied to support beams without insulating standoffs.
These flexible cable heaters are offered with customized wattage and voltage to suit the application.
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