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All of the states up for renewal have submitted or will soon submit a request to extend their flexibility, and Nebraska requested flexibility for the first time.
Flexibility is the most important criterion for physical fitness exercises, role in successful implementation of good athletic skills and prevent injuries.
Almost all full-time employees (97%) reported having some form of work life flexibility in 2013.
I begin by reviewing the literature on the linkages between manufacturing flexibility and manufacturing performance.
CRE teams are looking for workplace solutions that can quickly and easily morph and adapt to the changing needs of the worker as well, so providing flexibility in the workplace is key.
States Test Limits of Federal AYP Flexibility, released last fall by the Center on Education Policy, and The Unraveling of No Child Left Behind: How Negotiated Changes Transform the Law, released in February by The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, explain that individual states are changing their accountability plans to essentially get more flexibility in meeting adequate yearly progress.
This standard has served the storage industry well for years, but users are demanding faster performance, higher reliability and improved physical flexibility.
He didn't have the core strength to perform his roles; his pelvis was too loose and his inner thighs too weak to support his flexibility.
Based on the answers to these questions, you can begin to analyse the relative importance of flexibility, in terms of size, cost, application and/or location.
Advances in the patented EasyPath test technology also provide the unique benefit of design flexibility with platform features and price points better than those available with Structured ASICs.
The upshot of all of this built-in flexibility says Dave Szczupak, vice president, Ford Powertrain, is new model changeovers that can be accomplished "over a 3-week shutdown.
While they may use slightly different approaches, they continue to believe that stretching increases flexibility and safeguards against muscle and connective tissue strains.
Not only did the conversion create greater flexibility for the Meridian, Idaho-based company, but it also strengthened United Heritage's ability to create long-term strategies and better serve its policyholders, said Dennis Johnson, chief executive officer.
In its ongoing internal review of its existing regulations and guidance, OPM could more directly focus on determining the continued relevance and utility of its regulations and guidance by asking whether they provide the flexibility that agencies need in managing their workforces while also incorporating protections for employees.
Elastomers are generally poor diffusion barriers because the constituent polymer chains have a high degree of flexibility above their glass transition temperature.