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In common garb, his masterful face and flashing eye would have marked him as one who was born to rule; but now, with his silken tunic powdered with golden fleurs-de-lis, his velvet mantle lined with the royal minever, and the lions of England stamped in silver upon his harness, none could fail to recognize the noble Edward, most warlike and powerful of all the long line of fighting monarchs who had ruled the Anglo-Norman race.
On March 26, 2009, two fleurs-de-lis (iris flowers)-the royal symbol of France-were revealed on an apothecary weight from a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina, archaeologists said in March 2009.
15) (Which thing appears clearly to us by the very marvellous manner of finding the arms which the king of France bore until present, since just as certain Chronicles recount, the kings of France, before they were converted, used to bear three toads on their arms which were by miracle converted into three fleurs-de-lis, in honor and remembrance of all the Trinity.
Vettor Pisani #1 mugs in a white T-shirt and baggy jeans against a vibrant red ground with turquoise fleurs-de-lis while six blush roses make a sort of arch; Vettor Pisani #2 sports a hot orange hoodie at a quasi-Hindu altar of sperm against a background that fades from navy to robin's-egg blue.
An anonymous French collector bought the hair, encased in a period frame decorated with a gold coin and three fleurs-de-lis, the symbol of French royalty.