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Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it

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of or relating to or resembling flesh


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pterygoideus dorsalis lateralis (Pt D Lat) (Figures 2 and 3) takes origin from caudally oriented fleshy fibers on the surface of the dorsocaudal palate.
So Xu says it's unclear how the dinosaur's rod-like bone and fleshy wing would have been configured or how well the dinosaur could have glided or flown.
We have lots of skulls of Edmontosaurus, but there are no clues on them that suggest they might have had a big fleshy crest.
Length and maximum width of its fleshy belly and tendon were measured with the help of digital vernier caliper, thread and scale.
Often these fleshy growths need to be trimmed back as they bleed when the dog eats.
Strawberries, apples, melons, bananas and many other fleshy fruits share some characteristics with tomatoes, so information about the genes and pathways involved in fruit ripening can potentially be applied to these products.
A An in-growing toenail is where the edges of the nail grow down into the fleshy part of the toe.
This fleshy smell of blood has made me lust for more-- In the sea of
Shake off most of the soil so that you can see sections of thick, fleshy root 2.
QUETTA, June 12, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- A yellow and at the same time attractive fleshy item has invaded the City of Quetta and ensures its presence at every nook and corner.
grappling the woman/nursing a dog in the shadows a thief/crunched dense fleshy a stubbly spongy muzzle snarling.
The antioxidant and nutrient packed coffee berry is the bright red, fleshy fruit that surrounds the bean.
When the foliage has died off, the thick, fleshy rhizomes can be stored in shallow boxes of dry peat or sand in a cool, dark, frostfree place.
Australia's Weeds CRC has developed a web-based tool to help gardeners and land managers choose native plants to replace weeds with fleshy fruit, such as camphor laurel and lantana, which have become an accessible food source for native birds.