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Synonyms for fleshly

of or relating to the human body

relating to the desires and appetites of the body

Synonyms for fleshly

marked by the appetites and passions of the body

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In chapter 5, Macke goes deeper into the fleshly attachment, expanding on Merleau-Ponty's idea of "flesh as expression" (p.
In attempting to balance the local and the universal, the fleshly and the conceptual, perhaps art is not unlike religion; just as churches house locally commissioned altarpieces to express a universal symbolic language, so art incarnates the utopian into the real in different ways in different places.
What of the flea in its canine kingdom, king of dung and blood and foul, fleshly deeds?
In Brink's interpretation of the image in political terms as the Fanonian wretched of the earth, it is often conflated with the image of Sisyphus, irrepressibly rebellious in his servitude; in literary terms, it is cast in the figure of the doomed but defiant tragic protagonist; its theological and philosophical countenance is the threadbare ascetic, contemptuous of fleshly tinsel, labouring at his/her Stations of the Cross in his/her will to martyrdom; in myth, it is emblematised as the archetypal wayfarer, shedding not clothes alone but also human flesh, a bone-creature, trudging through the valley of the shadow of death (memorably portrayed in the image of Elisabeth at the end of her pilgrimage across the Karoo in An Instant in the Wind).
The hand was fleshly white, with a hint of sallow but sunny grandeur in it, the feel of Raphael's Renaissance Madonna, except that this was a man's hand, tender but firm.
He's like some agonized, fleshly version of a Michelangelo sculpture or, better yet, like Saint Sebastian, the beautiful man who got stuck with all those arrows.
A central promise of the text and one that is, I think, its most valuable and distinctive contribution, lies in its attempt at depicting the indeterminacy of the fleshly, material body; the body that is always corporeally and contextually specific yet can never be reduced to a static or singular nature.
These men and women starve, flagellate, isolate, and emasculate themselves in order to transcend the fleshly condition.
This text, composed between 1380 and 1425, objects to religious drama because it trivializes holy or serious events, and engages participants in a fleshly experience that could detract from the "real" or "efficacious" experience of Christ's works (17-18).
Just as Silvio Berlusconi, fleshly convicted of tax fraud Oct.
It was just last year, around this time, that I was trudging to where my car was parked across a field of fleshly cut corn stalks, the last rays of the sun disappearing behind the horizon, disappointed after an unsuccessful hunt marked by some particularly amateurish errors.
On one hand, hotels are trying to create and implement environmental polities, while on the other hand, hotel customers seeking services also expect to be pampered with hot water, high-pressure showers, fleshly laundered linen, an ample supply of towels, abundant supplies of food and drink, and airport shuttles," Barber said.
I have concluded," said Monckton, that "what one needs to have [to win Americans' support] is a fleshly minted Hawaiian birth certificate.
He'd prefer worse, but the Bible constrains him from his fleshly desire to kill:
With each dismembering chomp, Pepto-pink and turquoise clay oozes from the freshly inflicted wounds, driving home the transformative potential of raw material as a stand-in for reality--in this case, clay's proximity to the fleshly substances of blood and bone.