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Synonyms for fleshly

of or relating to the human body

relating to the desires and appetites of the body

Synonyms for fleshly

marked by the appetites and passions of the body

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The sensual aristocrats wished to be governed not by a legal code but by a human being with fleshly whims and frailties like their own.
These men and women starve, flagellate, isolate, and emasculate themselves in order to transcend the fleshly condition.
This text, composed between 1380 and 1425, objects to religious drama because it trivializes holy or serious events, and engages participants in a fleshly experience that could detract from the "real" or "efficacious" experience of Christ's works (17-18).
It was just last year, around this time, that I was trudging to where my car was parked across a field of fleshly cut corn stalks, the last rays of the sun disappearing behind the horizon, disappointed after an unsuccessful hunt marked by some particularly amateurish errors.
On one hand, hotels are trying to create and implement environmental polities, while on the other hand, hotel customers seeking services also expect to be pampered with hot water, high-pressure showers, fleshly laundered linen, an ample supply of towels, abundant supplies of food and drink, and airport shuttles," Barber said.
He'd prefer worse, but the Bible constrains him from his fleshly desire to kill:
I have concluded," said Monckton, that "what one needs to have [to win Americans' support] is a fleshly minted Hawaiian birth certificate.
He showed none of his former impatience with my lack of coordination, my clumsiness, my overall fleshly weakness, and seemed to have an unshakable faith in my potential.
Or rather, not like siblings, who do fight on occasion, while Bill, Priscilla, and Linda made a kind of fleshly image of the Holy Trinity, one in being, consubstantial, etc.
Peter sublimates Arthur's fleshly impulses through a love of literature and art, acquired mainly through the mentoring of Sister Wenger at Mill Creek Academy.
Yet, she was always an elevated Mary rather than a fleshly woman, and this left nobody in doubt about the limits of emulation.
Angela Sorby's article on the nineteenth-century American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox does not focus on Swinburne, but continuously refers to him as an important influence on Wilcox's poetry ("The Milwaukee School of Fleshly Poetry: Ella Wheeler Wilcox's Poems of Passion and Popular Aestheticism," Legacy 26, no.
While Faustus the Manichaean rejected the OT's creator God, the flesh of both Christ and humans as good, the OT books in their entirety, and the fleshly sacrifices of the Jews, Augustine, in arguing against him, almost inevitably had to put forward positive interpretations of the OT and the fleshly practices of the Jewish people.
6 cups vegetable stock or broth 1/3 cup quinoa 1/4 cup amaranth 1 cup corn kernels, preferably fleshly cut from the cob 3 cups diced fresh yellow squash 1/2 cup finely peeled and chopped Yukon Gold potatoes 1 teaspoon chopped fresh mint 1 Tablespoon Red Star nutritional yeast Bring the vegetable stock to a boil in a large pot.