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At last the visitors make their way to the chapel, and there in the pulpit they make the gruesome discovery of "a black-gowned figure, whose head was a skull off which all but the spectacles had withered, whose arm rested on a pile of papers, and whose fleshless finger .
Whom mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by Even your Golden Treasury won't save, They feel their claim On us expiring: starved to macron, breve, Those fleshless ribs, a beggar's frame .
I try to hold you, to wrap my arms and hair around my children to say, I am a daughter, abused woman, abuser, no saint, human, sold, slave, sexual woman, raped woman, invisible translator, mother but, no virgin, never immaculate enough, never fleshless enough, never silent enough, my eyes Mexico's troubled, buried mirror.
swollen chest, a thorax, bent limbs jutting at angles, hip fleshless as
In fact, her narration is a desperate attempt to grapple onto some pieces of the flesh of her identity and to put them back where they belong to; and thus, not to exist just as a fleshless skeleton.
What is more, some dresses featured a back view cut away in an angel-wing shape, the better to showcase the deep jut of the shoulder blades in a fleshless back.
Razumov reacts against a comparable (but this time unwelcome) assumption of intimacy implied by a lack of words when he meets Necator and his lean companion and drops "his hand into a largely outstretched palm, fleshless and hot as if dried up by fever, giving a bony pressure, expressive, seeming to say, 'Between us there's no need of words'" (Under 265).
I picture them, like fleshless sharks, In water over-night.
Those little shin-bones, hollow at the core, Emaciate finger-joints, those fleshless wrists, Wrapped in wrinkled, loose, rice-paper skin, As though the harvests of earth had never been, Where have we seen such frailty before?
Once they pass from a living form to an "edifice of steel" they yield their humanity and individual passion to a slave-like devotion to the fleshless ideal.
Knowledge in the hands of the naturalist is the outcome of a fleshless reflection, which, under the sign of reason, invalidates the concretely perceived world, the very same world Montaigne inhabits.
His creation turned out to become a fleshless man or skeleton body (Kawan).
In his essay, "Nostalgia in Heaven: Embraces, Affection, and Identity', Manuele Gragnolati explores the paradoxical existence of these formally manifest but fleshless souls, demonstrating the ambivalence of pre-Judgement "vanita".
And are these two all, all the crew, That woman and her fleshless Pheere?