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Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it

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of or relating to or resembling flesh


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And from the outset, the town itself is the book's fleshiest and most fascinating character.
Buying The Bathers--possibly the meatiest, fleshiest back and backside in the history of art--may have been the most audacious thing Bruyas ever did, apart from running off to Italy instead of becoming a banker.
Why don't they just look at the lads nude, and judge who has the widest, fleshiest tool in the room?
Lay fish in casserole; on the top side of each, make 3 equally spaced slashes in the fleshiest part, cutting down to the bone.
Make or wooden spoon, stir over the heat for the fleshiest part of its thigh, the of the delicious cooking juices.