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Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it

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of or relating to or resembling flesh


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As a reader I am always wary of the limitations of a short story, with brevity that is often more akin to poetry than anything else, and lean towards fleshier titles for depth and detail.
The lamb is also shadowed, with a shiny feel to the fleshier or harder parts of the body.
Fortunately, the real McCain is a lot fleshier and more conniving than this book lets on.
As rhizomes continued to grow into October, rhizomes often became longer, fleshier, and sympodially branched.
After being cast as an oversize hors d'oeuvres opposite a mutant shark in her previous big-screen adventure, Saffron Burrows was understandably eager to fasten onto a fleshier role.
As a first generalization, we suggest that coyotes and, perhaps in some species, foxes are the major mammalian endozoochorous dispersers of juniper species with fleshier, moister fruit, while rabbits and jackrabbits may be most important for species with woodier, drier fruit.
Spycket's stylistic analysis of the female figurines confirms Ghirshman's observation (1965: 6) that the slim nude women with hands clasped beneath their breasts are replaced by fleshier women who hold their breasts.
ATM is Mammograms are not considered to be effective in detecting tumours in the fleshier breasts of premenopausal women.
but] winds up with something fatter, fleshier, more 'sensate' and thus no goddess at all" (36).
I realize I'm going to be fleshier, so I have no aspirations for a 'perfect' body--just a healthy one.
Merlot Similar to Cabernet Sauvignon but softer, fleshier and more supple, with an aroma redolent of black plum, cassis and other ripe berries.
Hamilton wrote: |Sex is everywhere, symbolized in the glamour of massproduced luxury -- the interplay of fleshy plastic and smooth, fleshier metal'.
All VI schedules in the experiment consisted of 15 intervals (selected without replacement) and were programmed according to the distribution described by Fleshier and Hoffmann (1962).
This wine straddles the linear style of the Loire Valley and the fleshier examples found in the New World, resulting in a real crowd-pleaser, full of exotic fruit but keeping its elegant minerality in the picture.
DIRECTOR: John Slattery CAST: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Richard Jenkins, Christina Hendricks, John Turturro, Caleb Landry Jones, Eddie Marsan, Domenick Lombardozzi, Glenn Fleshier, Molly Price, Bridget Barkan, Arthur French, Joyce Van Patten, Peter Gerety