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Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

Synonyms for fleshy

usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it

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of or relating to or resembling flesh


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When the curtain rose on Dido at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on March 15, the proud, lamenting queen was newly embodied by Amber Darragh, whose lean, angular physique is completely different from Morris' plush, fleshier one.
Sweet raspberry aromas meddling in that classic forest-floor; mushroomy signature Pinot nose; smooth delivery of black raspberry; getting fleshier as it picks up a leather-cedar-tobacco medley on the long finish.
By contrast, all was gay and far fleshier at the Milanese country club, where Sylvia frolicked in white tennis shorts and her father, Thurio, and Valentine later stripped to the waist for a backrub as they discussed Sylvia's matrimonial fate.
These days buyers want fleshier lambs but I'm happy with what I've got.
At this stage he is noticeably fleshier behind the girth, less defined along that nicely crested neck, on which a few pimples have come up with the easier workload.
Because shells are relatively constant in mass, a higher CI would indicate fleshier biomass relative to the shell, indicating a healthier individual.
In the domain of art, information is typically associated with dematerialization--it denotes the triumph of language and photo-documentation over the fleshier materials of painting and sculpture.
But when you get back to base, it is still balmy enough to sit outside with a cold one and pick the bones out of a sardine fleshier than Wayne Rooney.
For a proper introduction to Weil, it may be better to start with something a bit fleshier, The Need for Roots or Waiting for God.
Twenty-five percent thought the Brazilian lobster tail was sweeter and fleshier.
In recent years, these wines have become fruitier and fleshier, thanks to more syrah in their blends, and, for some wines, winemaking techniques such as carbonic maceration, for which Beaujolais is famous.
The lamb is also shadowed, with a shiny feel to the fleshier or harder parts of the body.
Fortunately, the real McCain is a lot fleshier and more conniving than this book lets on.
After being cast as an oversize hors d'oeuvres opposite a mutant shark in her previous big-screen adventure, Saffron Burrows was understandably eager to fasten onto a fleshier role.