flesh wound

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a wound that does not damage important internal organs or shatter any bones

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Both suspects fled the scene and the victim was treated in hospital for a flesh wound.
It is just a flesh wound on his finger, but it is a big flesh wound.
His injuries were barely a flesh wound and he walked into Tallaght Hospital.
Thankfully we were among those shortest in the industry this morning at 15-2 and so escaped with merely a flesh wound after Swincombe Flame's victory.
Message to all readers: Congress just passed an extension that amounts to a bandage on a gaping flesh wound.
As a precaution the youngster was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, with a flesh wound to his chest.
He received only a flesh wound, when it seemed likely there would be blood on the carpet.
The first was a flesh wound, and he was treated and returned to his unit; the second time he suffered a serious leg wound that took him out of the war.
He had quite a deep flesh wound, which required stitches, and took a long time to heal but he'll be back.
After a few seconds of denial, I looked at the "minor" flesh wound and yelled down to my father.
The business has traded under the names of Blue Voodoo, Sun Tattoo Studio and Flesh Wound.
Mrs Noble needed four stitches in a deep flesh wound and reported the attack to police.
Their spokesman Paddy Power said: "We got that one a little cheaper, but really it's no more than getting a painkiller for a nasty flesh wound.
It's just a flesh wound,'' he (John Cleese) insists, accusing King Arthur of being a "chicken" for not wanting to fight on.