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strip the blubber or skin from (a whale or seal)

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Kotov (Kotlyar, 1952) described a notable day of competition between flensing teams:
In a single day on the huge Sovetskaya Ukraina, the flensing teams could process up to 200 small sperm whales, 100 humpback whales, or 30-35 pygmy blue whales.
Bolinas Bay This site, just northwest of San Francisco, may have hosted a whaling operation that consisted of a fleet of small vessels taking whales, flensing the blubber alongside, and delivering it to shore cookers every few days (Nichols, 1983:110-111; Sayers, 1984:131).
Instead of boiling vats and flensing knives, his tools were glassware, solvents, and mass spectrometers.
When he'd met Kay, and one night, with a flensing knife,
Sometimes the blubber was tried out in "pots set for that purpose upon the beach" although most often the flensing was conducted alongside the ship.
People could not do simple things: turning the carcass from one side to the other during the flensing, finding the joint to separate the head from the body, separating a spine into parts.
Usually, but not always, the estimates of yield prior to flensing proved to have been upwardly biased.