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strip the blubber or skin from (a whale or seal)

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Where Davenport-Hines is less successful is in his occasionally far-fetched speculations regarding such matters as the long-term effects of circumcision on Auden's psyche; or the supposedly vast significance of Emile Coue's psychological theory (mostly houe, I think); or, most absurd, the hypothesized epiphany of evil which Auden experienced while watching a whale being flensed in Iceland - an experience which, in Davenport-Hines's view, profoundly and permanently affected Auden's subsequent outlook on life.
They resemble miniature humans, except for the erratic behavior -- just like adults before the layers of civilizational lacquer have been applied, or after they've been flensed away.
We interpret this to mean that the team on shore received whale carcasses after the blubber had been stripped for cooking aboard the vessel, and that for their efforts they were allowed to keep half of the oil produced from the flensed carcasses.
Yet, flensed of the distraction that might be provoked by the girl's facial expression, the composition's overall effect is harmonious and decorative.
Suffused in golden radiance, the model carried the item with elegance, as though Klimt's painting had been flensed from the canvas and sewed directly upon the model's body.
mid June 1885 Shot and towed to Portland for exhibition; probably a fin whale Before 7 July 1885 20 May 1885 Whaling suspended at Boothbay because of stench Mid to late May 1885 For Boothbay oil plant, or to exhibit in Portland; probably a fin whale 3 July 1885 Stranded at Mt Desert Light Station, probably had been shot by a whaling steamer 7 July 1885 In Massachusetts Bay Early-mid July 1885 For Richardson's Factory, flensed Heron Island 1885 Total catch by all 5 streamers operating: about 75, mainly FW By 30 Sept.
Trace elements of politics that may be detected in Kiarostami's early work were gradually flensed away, replaced by an interest in existential questions of narrative representation and consumption -- more common to artistic practice than commercial cinema.
As is the case today, it is likely that blubber and meat were flensed from these whales on shore, near the places of harvest, so the small number of beluga bones in village middens may under represent the magnitude of the harvest (de Laguna, 1975).
Putting aside the intervention of the Lebanese police near the end of the movie, the entire political-sectarian-geo-political matrix that makes Lebanese folks so miserable has been flensed away from this version of Beirut.
Is uprooted art eviscerated, flensed, or epilated of meaning?
Representational yet bereft of context, her work is flensed of any hint of idealized locality - the women in hijab, desert fastness tumbling through waves of humidity to the Persian Gulf and so forth - that other artists from this region might be tempted to package to represent for foreign buyers anxious to buy into the present big thing.
At once independent and state-supported, DEFC occupies an unusual position - particularly when, elsewhere in the world, similar organizations have been flensed away by decades of state retrenchment.
Following this, the country's censor flensed some 40 minutes from its running time, citing bad language (evidently out of character, despite the fact that most of it was uttered by snipers, militiamen and the like) and its uncomplimentary representation of Lebanon during this particularly unsavory spell of its history.