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rapidity of movement

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Tartar could not make time stand still; and time, with his hard-hearted fleetness, strode on so fast, that Rosa was obliged to come down from the bean-stalk country to earth and her guardian's chambers.
He gave four 9-letter examples: CALLIOPES, CHAINLETS, FLEETNESS and TRUANCIES.
The fleetness of foot demonstrated by Liverpool's front three, Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho and Mohamed Salah meant United were not given a chance to hit anything like top gear.
It is in the scampering department where Bairstow brings an extra dimension to England's one-day skills, with a fleetness of foot that would not be out of place on the wing for his beloved Leeds Rhinos.
That nobody opted to do it to wee Karamoko on Monday night is down to good fortune rather than the third year pupil's fleetness of foot.
Fleetness of foot on the wrong path never leads to knowledge.
No other global operator - from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to Scottish Development International can match the Global Chamber Network for market reach, for penetration, for connectivity or for fleetness of foot.
She lifts her head in alarm and runs with almost the fleetness of a deer when she sees our purpose, but the pony is more than her match.
Monotype printmaking's spontaneity and singleness feed this fleetness.
It was a pity for Mbemba because he generally showed good defensive attributes as well as a fleetness of foot.
Bart Guingona: As for me, there was his comic timing, his intelligence, his warmth, his fleetness of foot.
It had presence on corners and a fleetness on the motorway that was far beyond its looks.
The South African may not have the speed in his legs that he had during his first spell, but his fleetness of foot and speed of thought remain as strong as ever.
The pair spent the 2008-09 season together at The Hawthorns and their battle will probably be based more on physical presence than fleetness of foot.
Might it be that her fleetness was a manifestation of her soul's desire to be at one with the breeze, the swooping birds, with the expanses of God's world?