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in a swift manner


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0=S increases lentamente with increasing temperature and then enhances fleetly with further increase of the temperature.
He understands and enjoys that rhythm, allowing the material reality of the process to set the tempo and then stepping into the flow fleetly, like a dancer.
22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Fleetly today announces the launch of a new fitness app that analyzes your goals, body, and workout history, along with the combined results of all users, to benchmark your changing Fitness Level - all while challenging you to compete for bragging rights on leaderboards.
But with his natural dramatic know-how, his long, expressive limbs, and an ability to move fleetly across a huge stage, Fairchild was a sensation dancing opposite Sterling Hyltin.
Our production capability and quality control ability ensure us to fleetly provide you with reliable products worldwide.
Crisply funny and fleetly paced, itAAEs in its quiet way one of the saddest things in the theaters all year.
Moving fleetly between formats (sculpture, video, drawing, photography, sound), the Pakistani-born, London-raised, Berlin-based artist specializes in elegant, witty, circular proposals that could almost be one-liners if they didn't open onto questionings of perceptual habit and expectation.
The interplay among all three musicians is a delight, with bassist Gary Peacock sounding especially geared up for this concert, his fingers fleetly flying.
This includes the 8- and 11-year-olds hanging out of the tree while one of their Bethesbian mothers hands them the family camera, imploring them to get a good shot of the crowd, which includes (which will always include) the kooky, ratty-looking Uncle Sam on stilts, and the patchouli girls fleetly flying around (patchouli girls now span, what, three generations?
Yet it was not Spicer on the podium for Saturday's triumphant account of Bach's Christmas Oratorio; to immense chagrin, a bug had struck him down, but our disappointment at least was dispelled by the superlative conducting of Jeffrey Skidmore, brought in on the day to conduct a choir much larger than his own Ex Cathedra, and securing from the BBC a reading of athleticism and power, singers fleetly responsive to his buoyant direction and unobtrusively-imposed control.