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the property of lasting for a very short time

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But if we have no working idea of what a story is, our efforts will go for nothing, because a short story, in the last analysis, exists on that same human level where life and the written expression of that life wage a fraternal war, if you'll allow me the term; and the outcome of that war is the short story itself, a living synthesis and also a synthesized life, like water trembling in a crystal, a fleetingness within a permanence.
Lived place and time focus Leclair's diarizing gesture; his forms winkingly may honor certain conventions yet insist on freedom; the "things" and moments around and within us -- a fly rubbing its legs together, birds, skyscapes, country events, a stroll along the seafront, a flood scene, the local cafe, walking or biking home in the drizzle with a just-purchased bottle of brandy -- are observed in their infinite specificity, their irreplaceableness, yet are absorbed, via their very fleetingness, their strangely felt "nothingness" or immateriality, into that equally infinite plasticity or malleability that language reminds us is at their center.
The ashes are a reminder of the fleetingness of our lives.
I can think of no writer who manages to convey aware - the fleetingness of things - as well as Ramke does, except for the great Murasaki Shikibu herself.
A book, then, very much of our fleetingness, our perceptions and sensations, of a physicality, a slight limping / and its laughter / traversing the centuries / bearer of gifts / bearer of enigmas," yet "theophanic" too, sensing a oneness, a maintenance beyond disappearance, an "instant of entry into true time," a touching and living of "what is not seen in time.
Composed in the Gulf War's melancholy afterglow, ``Arabian Nights'' recognizes the fleetingness of cultural superiority and the wayward course of empire.
I can think of no writer who manages to convey aware--the fleetingness of things--as well as Ramke does, except for the great Murasaki Shikibu herself.
As she opens her eyes to the sky above, she absorbs its transitoriness, accepts its fleetingness as part of the cyclicality of the life process.
In McNally's vision, nudity serves not as a titillating ploy, but as a masterfully realized motif emphasizing the frailty of human flesh and the fleetingness of youth.
He lost his son Gio in a boating accident when the youth was 23, and the movie's theme about the poignant fleetingness of life must have had personal resonance.
The fleetingness and evanescent quality of the moment permeates the image like the water that seems to be everywhere, including the hairy legs of the divers.
Between the seventeenth century and the mid nineteenth century the full spectrum of the paper economy, particularly forms such as the newspaper, the handbill, and the ticket, were recognized as being capable of mediating the fleetingness of social experience, thereby making ephemera visible as a medium and the collecting of that medium a mode of history making.
The fleetingness of its beauty combined with its artistic demise continues to capture the minds and imaginations of all that are able to experience it.
Pope Francis, in his new year homily, focused on life's fleetingness.