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She has been in tears many times during the last few days, and even, fleetingly, felt like quitting the show altogether at one point and fleeing all the attention.
In experiments in the 1980s, other teams fleetingly made silicon a superconductor when they squeezed it to about 100,000 times atmospheric pressure.
The Sunday Mirror's ICM poll shows that the nine-point advantage the Conservatives fleetingly enjoyed has slipped to just four.
Touted as the next big thing since sliced bread and by some as sounding the death knell for the great sliced white loaf, the Atkins diet star burned fiercely but fleetingly in the grocery firmament.
Instead of being drab eyesores, the poles are fleetingly transformed into objects of strange and compelling beauty.
Mirrored clear--nothing undefined within the dawn-arranged, dusk-arranged eye--a spirit's here transparent increments to visit, gracing us fleetingly, mortalities with eternity.
Instead, wine emerges as an experience open to invention and reinvention, a nebulous pleasure captured only fleetingly in the strained metaphor of a critic or the romance of an Italian estate before it is reconceived as something wholly different.
However, this would eliminate any records which refer even fleetingly to the box industry but which may still contain useful information.
Women enter Pantano's pages only infrequently and fleetingly, as the ruler's wife (Eleonora of Aragon, Lucrezia Borgia) or ideal recipients of verse collections (Giovanni Marrasio's Angelinetum, Basinio da Parma's Liber Isottaeus).
And Amor, the god of love, shows up only fleetingly.
As in all Makine's writing (which once again has been beautifully translated by Geoffrey Strachan), even the darkest textures are shot through, at least fleetingly, with light, or as in this typically evocative moment, light and music: "[Berg] left the room, took a few steps along the corridor, had no desire to go farther.
Images force themselves on our minds whether we like it or not; it is impossible to see a violent image or an erotic picture and not react, however fleetingly.
According to Rheingold, the Manila protesters and the Palm Pilot-wielding demonstrators who disrupted the World Trade Organization's 1999 Seattle meeting were avatars of a new form of social organization: the "smart mob," an ad-hoc alliance formed fleetingly by people who may not know one another but share a common, immediate goal and can communicate instantaneously.
He and Yvonne cross paths fleetingly once or twice.
He thus left in place the original draconian law requiring the fingerprinting and checking of all teachers, administrators, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, coaches, secretaries, custodians, even contractors like electricians and plumbers and staff development consultants who might come in contact with children, no matter how fleetingly.