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Synonyms for fleet

Synonyms for fleet

Synonyms for fleet

group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership

a group of steamships operating together under the same ownership

move along rapidly and lightly

disappear gradually

moving very fast


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Our shipboard visit this day is to the Cape Nome, a Ready Reserve Fleet vessel.
Teaming up with the buy-out firm Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts, Fleet outbid Bank of Boston Corp.
Ideally, the average age of the fleet would be 6 years, he said.
Hagan notes that John Lehman has credited the Soviets' recent naval retrenchment to the carrier-based fleet buildup he spearheaded.
The James River Reserve Fleet has a superb work and safety record, said Nuns Jain, South Atlantic Region Director.
Organization of motor vehicle fleet accident data and how to conduct accident investigations
After the introduction of DAF Telematics, all of the major European truck manufacturers except IVECO now offer branded fleet management services.
Since its rapid growth in the 1990s, outsourcing of fleet management services is gradually reaching maturity in Europe.
We believe that fleet services provide an excellent potential opportunity for Midas, on the local and national levels," Feldman said.
Enterprise Fleet Services, the company's commercial fleet management division, won the 2006 American Business Award for Best Support Organization.
Subscribers can view, sort, select and print fleet profiles online.
In the PHH FirstFleet survey, 60% of the fleet managers said they are adopting the devices to track equipment status and driver activities.
The report is updated quarterly to combine the up-to-date development and trends with the latest data available on the fleet services market in the UK.
With gasoline and diesel fuel prices spiking higher and higher, new state and municipal laws restricting idling of trucks and school buses, and mandates on government fleets to operate alternative fuel vehicles, there's a growing need for a publication that helps fleet operators find the vehicles, fuels and technologies they need to stay profitable and competitive day-in and day-out.